Short stories founded on European history. Italy

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Page 219 - sound, Amid these radiant orbs be found, In reason's ear they all rejoice, And utter forth a glorious voice, For ever singing, as they shine— The
Page 2 - Of all the fairest cities of the earth, None is so fair as Florence. 'Tis a gem Of purest ray; and what a light broke forth, When it emerged from darkness ! Search within, Without; all is enchantment! 'Tis the Past Contending with the Present; and in turn Each has the mastery.
Page 220 - Not a grove, Citron, or pine, or cedar, not a grot Sea-worn and mantled with the gadding vine, But breathes enchantment. Not a cliff but flings On the clear wave some image of delight, Some cabin roof glowing with crimson flowers. Some ruin'd temple or fallen monument, To muse on as the bark is gliding by.
Page 170 - to all, and yet with cheerful tone He sings his little song of love, when he is left alone. His presence is like sunshine, sent to gladden home and hearth, To comfort us in all our griefs, and sweeten all our mirth
Page 125 - and such of the unhappy crews as escaped the fury of the sea, were murdered without mercy by the Arabs as soon as they reached land. All the vast stores of ammunition and food which the Emperor had provided, were alike swallowed up by the greedy waves. May I never again behold such a fearful sight!
Page 201 - to hear the professor of philosophy at Pisa, labouring before the Grand Duke with logical arguments, as if with magical incantations, to charm the new planets out of the sky!
Page 142 - thee!" And the old man hid his face in his hands, and groaned in anguish. It was a terrible blow to Andrea Doria! He had brought up the youth from a child; lavished on him the utmost tenderness and affection, and made him the heir to his house and fortunes. True, Giannetino
Page 150 - Oh Venice ! Venice ! when thy marble walls Are level with the waters, there shall be A cry of nations o'er thy sunken halls, A loud lament along the sweeping sea !
Page 214 - Alas! your dear friend and servant Galileo has become totally and irreparably blind; so that this heaven, this earth, this universe, which with wonderful observations I had enlarged a hundred and a thousand times beyond the belief of by-gone ages, henceforth for me is shrunk into the narrow space which I myself fill in
Page 134 - had been set open early in the morning of this day, and all persons without distinction were allowed to enter, but strong guards posted within the court suffered no one to return. Some of the conspirators had dispersed themselves through the city, and invited to an entertainment in Fieschi's palace the principal citizens

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