Oregon Historical Quarterly, Volume 11

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W.H. Leeds, State Printer, 1911
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Page 119 - The sixth annual meeting of the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association was held in the History Building, Stanford University, Cal., November 19 and 20, 1909. In the absence of President Benjamin Ide Wheeler, who was in Europe, the
Page 106 - to perform the duties of supreme justices. The first three lines of that section read: "Every judge of the Supreme Court before entering upon the duties of his office, shall take and subscribe, and transmit to the secretary of state, the following oath: " 'I, , do solemnly swear (or affirm) that
Page 196 - we have left all and followed thee. What shall we have therefore?" I never could and cannot yet condone the action of Mr. Lee in being away from his home when his wife and babe died. crops on the Vancouver farm as a guide to their conclusions, which were favorable. At this same time he began giving small parcels of seed wheat to retiring
Page 66 - parallel of latitude crosses the summit of the Blue mountains; thence east, along said line to its intersection with Snake river; thence up the middle of the channel of said river, to the mouth of the Owyhee river; thence south, to the 42d parallel of latitude; thence west, along said line, to its intersection with the
Page 80 - First district, to be called the Twality District, comprising all the country south of the northern boundary line of the United States, west of the Willamette, or Multnomah River, north of the Yamhill River, and east of the Pacific Ocean." "Approved by the people, July 5th, 1843." ("Oregon Archives,
Page 112 - article XIII., on salaries, by adding at the end of the section as it then stood, the words, "But the compensation of officers, if not fixed by this constitution, shall be as prescribed by law," and this was adopted. Thereupon Mr. Packwood moved to amend this section by striking out all after the word "offices
Page 46 - the Multnomah of Lewis and Clarke. They then followed the course of this river to its junction with the Columbia, and reached the mouth of the Columbia on the first day of August, completing the journey from the Council Bluffs in seventy-nine days. "Many geographers have placed the Lake Timpanagos in latitude
Page 66 - The Act of Congress admitting the State of Oregon into the Union was approved February 14, 1859. The first meeting of the State Legislature began at Salem, May 16, 1859. BAKER COUNTY. "All that portion of Wasco county, commencing at a point where the
Page 238 - was nearly related to a high judicial functionary, and in early life was destined for the same profession. The study of provincial jurisprudence, and the seignorial subdivisions of Canadian property, had no charms for the mercurial temperament of Mr. Ogden; and, contrary to the wishes of his friends, he preferred the wild untrammeled life
Page 44 - souls, who subsist on fish and wappatoo, and who trade by means of the Killamuck River with the nation of that name on the Seacoast. Lower down the Inlet, toward the Columbia, is the tribe called Cathlacumup. On the sluice which connects the Inlet with the Multnomah are the tribes Cathlanahquiah and Cathlacomatup; on Wappatoo Island, the tribes of Clannahminamun and Clahnaquah. Immediately opposite, near the Towahnahiooks

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