The Life of Richard, Earl Howe, K. G.: Admiral of the Fleet, and General of Marines

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J. Murray, 1838 - Admirals - 432 pages
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Page 96 - Long did I endeavour, with unfeigned and unwearied zeal, to preserve from breaking that fine and noble China vase, the British empire; for I knew, that, being once broken, the separate parts could not retain even their share of the strength or value that existed in the whole, and that a perfect reunion of those parts could scarce ever be hoped for.
Page 94 - America, cannot with propriety send any of its members, to confer with his Lordship in their private Characters, but that, ever desirous of establishing peace, on reasonable terms, they...
Page 92 - AMERICA," and signed by every one of its members. In justification of this act, it directed Lord Howe's circular letter and declaration to be published, "that the good people of these United States may be informed of what nature are the commissioners, and what the terms with the expectation of which the insidious court of Britain has endeavored to amuse and disarm them...
Page 245 - I felt myself justified in departing from the regular system ; and, passing through their fleet in a line, formed with the utmost celerity, tacked, and thereby separated one-third from the main body, after a partial cannonade, which prevented their rejunction till the evening...
Page 180 - Resolved, nemine contradicente, That this House will adjourn, in order to consult their Constituents, whether an humble Address should be drawn up and transmitted to his Majesty, praying, that he would be graciously pleased to take the People of this Province under his immediate Protection and Government, by compleating the Agreement heretofore made with the first Proprietary for the Sale of the Government to the Crown, or otherwise as to his Wisdom and Goodness shall seem meet.
Page 60 - Highness appeared in the character of a midshipman, and respectfully informed the Admiral that the boat was ready. The Spaniard, astonished to see the son of a monarch acting as a warrant officer, could not help exclaiming, " Well does Great Britain merit the empire of the sea, when the humblest stations in her navy are filled by princes of the blood...
Page 403 - ... one in arms, And one in council — Wolfe upon the lap Of smiling Victory that moment won, And Chatham heart-sick of his country's shame ! They made us many soldiers. Chatham, still Consulting England's happiness at home, Secured it by an unforgiving frown, If any wrong'd her.
Page 97 - I was labouring to prevent My consolation under that groundless and malevolent treatment, was, that I retained the friendship of many wise and good men in that country ; and among the rest, some share in the regard of lord Howe.
Page 95 - I cannot, my worthy friend, permit the letters and parcels, which I have sent in the state I received them, to be landed, without adding a word upon the subject of the injurious extremities in which our unhappy differences have engaged us.
Page 139 - ... was of opinion that some material part of her frame gave way, which can only be accounted for by the general state of the decay of her timbers, as appears upon the minutes.

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