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A collection of magical-realist short stories narrated by Allende's recent heroine, Eva Luna (Eva Luna, 1988; Of Love and Shadows, 1987; The House of Spirits, 1985), which are set in nameless Latin American countries, any time in the past, and peopled with characters who could be and probably are meant to be someone else. Taking her cue from the creator of the story-chain genre, Eva Luna, like ... Read full review

Review: The Stories of Eva Luna

Editorial Review - - Zakia M

I always imagined the art of writing romantically, inkstained fingertips and crumpled piles of paper about my feet. In reality, my writing life is spent chasing a blinking cursor back and forth across a computer screen. However, I imagine Isabel Allende to be a writer in the rudimentary sense of the word. Unlikely as it is, I picture her with plume, ink pot and vellum, the light of a candle at her ... Read full review

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