The Charleston City Directory Together with a Compendium of Governments, Institutions and Trades of the City

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Southern Directory and Publishing Company, 1888
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Page 19 - GLOBE " and Centennial Prize " EXCELSIOR " and importers of English Grass Bleached and Colored Tissue Papers, from the celebrated 39 Mill. Proprietors of " Silver White," best article for polishing silver ; and " Miller's Jewelry Cleaning Casket," and
Page 19 - Patent Suspension Rings; The Star Copying Pads; Dennison's Game Counters; Wedding Cake Boxes; Visiting and Playing Card Cases, Etc., Etc. DENNISON'S TARGETS FOR RIFLE PRACTICE, Phillips...
Page 27 - Having the exclusive agency of several of the largest and best Mills in New England, we are able to supply PUBLISHERS with fine and superfine BOOK PAPERS, of every size and weight, in any quantity, and at short notice.
Page 8 - ... company, at the office of its transfer agents in the city of New York, upon surrender of this certificate. The holders of the preferred stock of the company shall be entitled to noncumulative dividends for each fiscal year, when and as declared by the board of directors of the company, to the extent of four per cent per annum, payable quarterly on the first days of March, June, September, and December, out of any surplus net profits of the company, as determined by said board, before any dividends...
Page 28 - Parties desiring to order from us will PLEASE SEND FOR SPECIMEN BOOKS. We furnish every kind of Printing Type. If name or title Is not known send printed specimens of a single letter. Sorts Cheerfully and Promptly Furnished, BHGRAYING, ELECTROTYPING AND STEREOTYPING.
Page 631 - States; during the !)6 years of its history near 4,000 orphans and destitute children have been maintained and educated in it. It was in this institution ( in 1845 ) that the public school system, now universally adopted in the public schools in the city, was first introduced.
Page 631 - Pauper patients (residents of the city) are received upon the recommendation of the city physicians to the poor, and are placed in the general wards. Pay patientę are received upon their own application.
Page 636 - HISTORICAL SOCIETIES. South Carolina Historical Society — Organized 1855, reorganized 1876. Located in the Charleston Library Building, Broad northwest corner Church. Object: The collection and О О Z о со О » preservation of all matters pertaining to the history of the State.
Page 652 - ... west on Broad to Meeting, north on Meeting to Calhoun, west on Calhoun to King, thence north to Line, connecting with all trains on SC Ry.
Page 653 - ... Widows and Orphans of the Clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church in South Carolina," which was established in Charleston in 1762, and which, notwithstanding the two revolutions it has passed through, continues still the support of many families of clergymen. The Charleston Library Society was the earliest association of its kind in Charleston, and the third in the United States. It was organized in 1748, by seventeen young gentlemen, who desired to obtain some of the current literature from...

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