The Life of Robert Toombs

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Macmillan, 1913 - 281 pages

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Page 116 - We arraign this bill as a gross violation of a sacred pledge; as a criminal betrayal of precious rights; as part and parcel of an atrocious plot to exclude from a vast unoccupied region, emigrants from the Old World and free laborers from our own States, and convert it into a dreary region of despotism, inhabited by masters and slaves.
Page 203 - We are satisfied the honor, safety, and independence of the Southern people require the organization of a Southern Confederacy — a result to be obtained only by separate State secession...
Page 216 - that Congress shall pass effective laws for the punishment of all persons in any of the States who shall in any manner aid and abet invasion or insurrection in any other State, or commit any other act against the laws of nations, tending to disturb the tranquillity of the people or government of any other State.
Page 66 - I do not, then, hesitate to avow before this House and the country, and in the presence of the living God, that if by your legislation you seek to drive us from the territories of California and New Mexico, purchased by the common blood and treasure of the whole people, and to abolish slavery in this District, thereby attempting to fix a national degradation upon half the States of this Confederacy, / am for disunion...
Page 215 - that property in slaves shall be entitled to the same protection from the Government of the United States, in all of its departments, everywhere, which the Constitution confers the power upon it to extend to any other property, provided nothing herein contained shall be construed to limit or restrain the right now belonging to every State to prohibit, abolish, or establish and protect slavery within its limits.
Page 172 - All those great sectional questions which so furious! v in their turn agitated the public mind, foreboding disaster, and which, from my connection with them, caused me to remain so long at the post you assigned me, have been amicably and satisfactorily adjusted, without the sacrifice of any principle, or the loss of any essential right. At this time, there is not a ripple upon the surface. The country was never in a profounder quiet...
Page 76 - Constitution and the laws, to observe in good faith all its requirements until the wrong is consummated, until the act of exclusion is put upon the statute book; it will then be demonstrated that the Constitution is powerless for our protection; it will then be not only the right but the duty of the slaveholding states to resume the powers which they have conferred upon this government, and to seek new safeguards for their future security.
Page 207 - Kentucky, and each and all of them were voted against, unanimously, by the Black Republican members of the committee. In addition to these facts, a majority of the Black Republican members of the committee declared distinctly that they had no guarantees to offer, which was silently acquiesced in by the other member-.
Page 181 - Never permit this Federal Government to pass into the traitorous hands of the Black Republican party. It has already declared war against you and your institutions. It every day commits acts of war against you: it has already compelled you to arm for your defence. Listen to "no vain babblings," to no treacherous jargon about "overt acts;" they have already been committed.
Page 59 - The Southern Democracy are perfectly desperate. Their Northern allies, they clearly see, will unite with the Freesoilers; and even now the peace is broken between them forever. Almost every man of the Southern Democrats have joined Calhoun's movement. After mature consideration, we concluded to go into the meeting in order to control and crush it; it has been a delicate business but so far we have succeeded well and I think will be able to overthrow it completely on the 15th Inst.

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