Violations of the Helsinki Accords, East Germany: A Report Prepared for the Helsinki Review Conference, Vienna, November 1986, Volume 3

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Human Rights Watch, 1986 - Civil rights - 43 pages

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Page 8 - Zeitz applied for permission to emigrate after his request to form an association for environmental protection was denied. His continued protest against GDR environmental policies and denial of his right to emigrate led to his arrest and conviction to three-and-a-half years' imprisonment on charges of "defamation of the GDR.
Page 6 - approved' list, the Postal Publication Register, are regularly confiscated at the border. This happened to Mikhail Gorbachev's book 'Perestroika' in late 1987. Only after lengthy consultation was a copy — under plain covers — allowed into East Berlin. Artistic freedom : The SED conceives of art and literature as a means of promoting political goals. Publishing houses practise...
Page 1 - Act, including freedom of expression, freedom of movement, freedom of association and freedom of religion.
Page 1 - Constitutional duty to oppose.. .the spreading of anti-socialist ideology which is practiced in the name of 'freedom,' 'democracy,
Page 1 - ... development of a country's democracy' and expressed the need for 'journalistic cleanliness, media work which is faithful to the truth and the development of a creative struggle of opinions in society'. The Constitution of the German Democratic Republic guarantees (Art. 27.1) the right to free expression and free press, radio and television, but the official commentary to the Constitution (published in 1969) stipulates the 'constitutional duty to oppose ... the spreading of anti-socialist ideology...
Page 4 - ... approves all publishing, including publishing abroad. Professional associations of writers and artists are headed by party members and are strongly influenced by the state. Writers can be imprisoned under the currency law for having income from unregistered works published abroad. Music groups must have lyrics approved by the state. These restrictions also apply to Western groups wishing to perform in the GDR. There is, however, no known recent case of a writer having been imprisoned under the...
Page 13 - Germans are only allowed to leave for purposes of family reunification or because the government considers them "harmful to society.

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