The Kathá sarit ságara; or, Ocean of the streams of story [by Somadeva] tr. by C.H. Tawney, Volume 1

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Page 11 - The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger.
Page 385 - This is the hand of a man who has been hung, and it is prepared in the following manner : wrap the hand in a piece of winding-sheet, drawing it tight, so as to squeeze out the little blood which may remain ; then place it in an earthenware vessel with saltpetre, salt, and long pepper, all carefully and thoroughly powdered. Let it remain a fortnight in this pickle till it is well dried, then expose it to the sun in the dog-days, till it is completely parched, or, if the sun be not powerful enough,...
Page 93 - How did S'aktimati deliver her husband? tell me, my daughter." Then Devasmita related the following story : Story ofZaktimrti. In. OUr countryi ™«»n the city, there is the shrine of a powerful Yaksha named Manibhadra, established by our ancestors. The people there come and make petitions at this shrine, offering various gifts, in order to obtain various blessings.
Page 274 - I forgot you, forgive me," and asked him to tell him who had taken away their horse. Then Haris"arman drew all kinds of pretended diagrams, and said : " The horse has been placed by thieves on the boundary line south from this place. It is concealed there, and before it is carried off to a distance, as it will be at close of day, quickly go and bring it.
Page 546 - Take the bowl and throw a bowlful of water upon the slab, and thou wilt hear a mighty peal of thunder, so that thou wilt think that heaven and earth are trembling with its fury. With the thunder there will come a shower so severe that it will be scarce possible for thee to endure it and live. And the shower will be of hailstones; and after the shower, the weather will become fair, but every leaf that was upon the tree will have been carried away by the shower.
Page 519 - And on the second day the king held a general assembly, and everybody appeared at it again, citizens and all. And the king, seeing that the dependent had entered the assembly, called him as before, and made him sit near him. And after making him again recite that very same Arya verse, being pleased, he gave him that very same lemon which he had given him before. And all there thought with astonishment—
Page 16 - Agreed," and set off to run, while the prince put on the shoes and flew up in the air, taking with him the staff and the vessel.
Page 4 - ... connexion, and the joining together of the portions of the poem so as not to interfere with the spirit of the stories, are as far as possible kept in view...
Page 94 - ... If you do not believe what I say, examine their foreheads which I marked with a dog's foot." They consented, and removing the headwrappers of these four, they all beheld the dog's foot on their foreheads. Then all the merchants were abashed, and the king, being astonished, himself asked Devasmita what all this meant. She told the whole story, and all the people burst out laughing, and the king said to the lady, " They are your slaves by the best of titles.
Page 276 - How can a man possess such knowledge unattainable by men, without having studied the books of magic; you may be certain that this is a specimen of the way he makes a dishonest livelihood, by having a secret intelligence with thieves. It will be much better to test him by some new artifice.

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