Between Identity and Location: The Cultural Politics of Theory

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Orient Longman, 1996 - Culture - 249 pages
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Contents covers- 1. The Changing Subject and the Politics of Theory, 2. Toward an Effective Intellectual: Foucault or Gramsci?, 3. Ethnic Identity and Postructuralist Difference, 4. Culture as Common Ground: Ethnicity and Beyond, 5. Canonicity and Theory: Toward a Poststructuralist Pedagogy, 6. Negotiating Subject Position in an Uneven World, 7. Cultural Theory and the Politics of Location, 8. Postcolonialityand the Boundaries of Identity, 9. Nationalism, Gender, and the Narrative of Identity, 10. Is the Ethnic Authentic in the Diaspora?, 11. Conjuntural Identities, Academic Adjacencies, 12. Diaspora, Hybridity, Pedagogy.

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Is the Ethnic Authentic in the Diaspora?
Diaspora Hybridity Pedagogy

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