Review: Paul Mccartney: A Life

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Despite his classification by female fans as “the cute Beatle,” Paul McCartney was more than just a pretty face. According to author Peter Ames Carlin, he was a studious artist, serious about his craft, an ambitious businessman, and not above a little selfpromotion. The Beatles' bassist has gone through a metamorphosis over the years as insects are wont to do. The bulk of this new biography ... Read full review

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I LOVE this book!!! I don't like Paul McCartney anymore because he grabbed Jimmy McCulloch by his collar and called him bad names and yelled at him. I can't believe Paul, what a jerk!!! Jimmy McCulloch wasn't respected in Wings. That's so NOT cool!!! Jimmy McCulloch should totally be respected for his work. Paul McCartney is talented, but he's so arrogant. This book should be reviewed 10 out of 10!!! :) 

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