The Quarterly, Volumes 5-6

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Page 216 - They lay along the battery's side. Below the smoking cannon; Brave hearts from Severn and from Clyde, And from the banks of Shannon. They sang of love, and not of fame ; Forgot was Britain's glory; Each heart recalled a different name, But all sang "Annie Laurie.
Page 172 - The little flat mail-pockets strapped under the rider's thighs would each hold about the bulk of a child's primer. They held many and many an important business chapter and newspaper letter, but these were written on paper as airy and thin as gold-leaf, nearly, and thus bulk and weight were economized.
Page 172 - He carried no arms — he carried nothing that was not absolutely necessary, for even the postage on his literary freight was worth five dollars a letter. He got but little frivolous correspondence to carry — his bag had business letters in it, mostly. His horse was stripped of all unnecessary weight, too. He wore a little wafer of a racing-saddle, and no visible blanket.
Page 172 - IN a little while all interest was taken up in stretching our necks and watching for the '' pony-rider '' — the fleet messenger who sped across the continent from St. Joe to Sacramento, carrying letters nineteen hundred miles in eight days ! Think of that for perishable horse and human flesh and blood to do! The pony-rider was usually a little bit of a man, brimful of spirit and endurance. No matter what time of the day or night his watch came on, and no matter whether it was winter or summer,...
Page 172 - There were about eighty pony-riders in the saddle all the time, night and day, stretching in a long, scattering procession from Missouri to California, forty flying eastward, and forty toward the west, and among them making four hundred gallant horses earn a stirring livelihood and see a deal of scenery every single day in the year.
Page 88 - The officers of the Association shall be a President, a first Vice-President, a second Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
Page 140 - Meetings of stockholders for this purpose may be called by the president, or by a majority of the directors, or by members or stockholders holding at least one-half of the votes.
Page 217 - Sally, for your sake I'll go to California and try to raise a stake.' Says she to me, 'Joe Bowers, you are the man to win ; Here's a kiss to bind the bargain,
Page 162 - Laws and rules of the society are properly enforced; appoint all committees not otherwise provided for; fill all vacancies temporarily for the meeting. The president shall have power to suspend any officer or member for cause, subject to the action of the society at the next meeting. Section 9. In the absence of the president, one of the vicepresidents shall preside, with the same power as the president, and if no president or vice-president be present, the society shall elect any member to preside...
Page 173 - Every neck is stretched further, and every eye strained wider. Away across the endless dead level of the prairie a black speck appears against the sky, and it is plain that it moves. Well, I should think so!

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