A General History of the Christian Church: To the Fall of the Western Empire, Volume 1

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author, 1803 - Church history - 552 pages
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Page 117 - Paul faid, I would to God that not only thou, but alfo all that hear me this day, were both almoft, and altogether fuch as I am, except thefe bonds.
Page 169 - Their persuasion, that evil resided in matter, rendered them unfavourable to wedlock ; and led them to hold the doctrine of the resurrection of the body in great contempt. They considered it as a mere clog to the immortal soul ; and supposed, that nothing was meant by it, but either a moral change in the minds of men, which took place before they died ; or that it signified the ascent of the soul to its proper abode in the superior regions, when it was disengaged from its earthly encumbrance.
Page 400 - By another mandate we purpose to signify unto magistrates how they ought herein to demean themselves. " Wherefore it will be the duty of the Christians, in consequence of this our toleration, to pray to their God for our welfare, and for that of the public, and for their own ; that the commonweal may continue safe in every quarter, and that they themselves may live securely in their habitations.
Page 163 - ... announced him as fuch to their nation and the world, viz. as nothing more than a man approved of God by Jigns and wonders •which God did by him, and whom God had raifed from the dead. And that they had any private information of their mafter being of a higher rank in the creation than themfelves, but that they thought it prudent to ufe great referve in the communication of this knowledge to others...
Page 285 - Trinity is a divis" ion of the unity. They therefore will have it, that we " are worshippers of two, and even of three Gods ; but that " they are the worshippers of one God only. We, they
Page 117 - Bonds ; and that he might have been fet at liberty, if he had not appealed to Cafar, ver.
Page 241 - For there are some of our race (Gentiles) who acknowledge him to be Christ, but hold that he was a man born like other men. With them I do not agree, nor should I do so, though ever so many being of the same opinion should urge it upon me14; because 11 " Off, a (ruvriOsfiat, eJ' ay irXEiroi, raura jiioi Jo^acravrsf, snfoiev.
Page 144 - A voice from the eaft, a voice ' from the weft, a voice from the four winds, * a voice againft Jerufalem and the temple, ' a voice againft the bridegrooms and the ' brides, a voice againft all the people.
Page 98 - Jefus I know, and Paul I know, but who are ye ? And the Man in whom the Evil Spirit was, leapt on them, and overcame them, and prevailed againft them, fo that they fled out of the Houfe naked and wounded.
Page 213 - HOW persecuted and harassed throughout all Asia by new decrees, WHICH WAS NEVER DONE BEFORE;* and impudent sycophants, and such as covet the possessions of others, taking occasion from the edicts, rob without fear or shame, and cease not to plunder those who have offended in nothing. If these things are done by your order, let them be thought to be well done — for it is not reasonable to believe that a just emperor should ever decree what is unjust — and we shall cheerfully bear the reward of...

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