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I love my mom and dad in Aus shows them how I do my body in that life was simple and my sister lives of the check it once in a lifetime risk in a watch and I love and my mom love me so much and Ally love and I love you so so much but my sister Alawite scramble cell phone watch and my sister like the tracking I like the way you can a warm white trim nails so pretty Yahoo we sell filters they sell fruit by someone else is so fun they so funny they said they'd refle aliesa they say they plan and I love and I love my babies do Mario my baby your mommy alone I love you so much because I love my other baby tu mere and I call music lyrical miracle live live because I love I want baby because I know you love me SEL SEL SEL SEL a tie Tai Chi Chi Phi trying to sell so easy is like taking that you're boring they sell sell sell bad I promise she super bad she don't listen to nobody say no but we will buy her somebody will pull and Nisha what she can be gone Nisha Nisha down and she can be gone all the time because she not draw she followed him listen to the ground and my post message to the ground no you don't talk with the gone I'll talk show Gabba get it and yeah man is cheating on cream and cake and evil man a man taking your man KJ is nice. Cheese I'm crying sing because I think you have too funny thank thank thank you for everything you doing drinkingthe deal was good, yum yum in my tum 

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