The Antient Religion of the Gentiles, and Causes of Their Errors Consider'd: The Mistakes and Failures of the Heathen Priests and Wise-men, in Their Notions of the Deity, and Matters of Divine Worship, are Examin'd, with Regard to Their Being Altogether Destitute of Divine Revelation

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John Nutt, 1705 - Gentiles - 372 pages
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Page 33 - Others relate that the idol was hollow, end within it were contrived seven partitions, one of which was appointed for meal or flour, in the second there were turtles, in the third an ewe, in the fourth a ram, in the fifth a calf, in the sixth an ox, and in the seventh a child. All these were burned together, by heating the statue on the inside.
Page 293 - ... under in matters of religion ; yet there was as much agreed to by all nations, as was necessary to their eternal happiness. Particularly, he tells us, that they were agreed about five Articles, of natural religion, which he Ihinks'are sufficient, viz.
Page 334 - ever were, and always will be, of that divine nature, that like the sunbeams, which no weight can depress, nor any wind blow out, they have darted their glorious rays into the minds of men in all parts of the earth, when they did but exercise the natural use of Reason.
Page 292 - Thus far therefore the Antients agree with us, who allow no Means of Salvation can benefit or advantage us without the Mind, Virtue, Piety and Faith.
Page 81 - Coka ; and commanded that such offerings should be made to some stars, and such to others, those being particularly worshipped according as every one's necessity required. The Opisons adored the star Urchuchilly, feigning it to be a Ram of divers colours, who only took care of the preservation of cattel ; and it is thought to be the same which the astrologers call Lyra. Besides these two, they worshipped two others that are near them, and say that one of them is a Sheep and the other a Lamb. There...
Page xvi - ... the eternal reprobation of those to whom he never afforded any means of salvation, yet endued with souls made after his own image; and whom he foresaw must be damned of absolute necessity without the least hopes or possibility of escaping it? I could not understand how they could call that God most good and great, who created men only to damn them without their knowledge and against their will.1 There were, he believed, certain great truths underlying all pagan religions, however much they might...
Page 264 - ... a different way of worship for each of them. They also expected to reap more profit, and have larger stipends from the various rites, ceremonies, and sacred mysteries which they...
Page xiv - Thus it appears that the Heathens did not only agree with us Christians in worshipping the Supream God, but also in the same most principal and essential kind of Worship.442 . . . their Religious Worship or Rites . . . [are] the Invention of the Priests only; wherefore this Crime ought solely to be imputed to their Great Men, and not to the Populace, who were only passive in the matter. I suppose none will deny but that Priests have introduced Superstition and Idolatry, as well as sown Quarrels and...
Page 186 - Antients ever adored bawling in a Cradle, before he had performed any noble Exploit ,• for they could not be very fond of fuch a fnivelling Deity.
Page 264 - Enemies., the Citizens lived in Peace and Amity together ; yet there was nothing in all this that did...

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