Bulgaria's Macedonia: Nation-building and State-building, Centralization and Autonomy in Pirin Macedonia, 1903--1952

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University of Maryland, College Park, 2006 - 361 страници
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The "Macedonian Question" has been portrayed as a wedge issue by which external actors---particularly the Communist International, Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany---could seek to divide Southeastern Europe. This dissertation goes farther in arguing that Macedonia was a divisive issue within national politics as well. Even in the post-1934 Zveno and royal dictatorships, then the Communist-dominated regime after 1944, Pirin remained a divisive issue and one in which a weak central state was forced to find compromise with local interests. The "Macedonianization" campaign that followed the Second World War was the vehicle by which Pirin was subordinated to the Bulgarian state. As such, the campaign appears less as a Soviet-directed campaign for the benefit of Yugoslavia, and more as a means by which Sofia was able to establish control over the district.

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