The Story of the Violin

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Walter Scott Publishing Company, Limited, 1904 - Violinists - 323 pages

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Page 255 - An introduction to the skill of musick: in three books: by John Playford. Containing i. The grounds and principles of musick, according to the gamut ... n.
Page 193 - Cet ouvrage est le fruit du loisir que le malheur me procure : quelques morceaux ont e"te" dicte"s par la peine, d'autres par 1'espoir.
Page 75 - ... cette étude la liste de tous les instruments attribués à Gaspard Duiffoproucart, en signalant un luth que Niederheitmann (loc. .cit.) indique sans détails, d'après un travail d'Ed. Schebek (de Prague) que nous n'avons pu nous procurer. N° i du catalogue de 1884. figurant des fleurs reliées par des filets et un coq au centre de la table de fond. Ces ornements contrastent par leur grossièreté avec ceux des trois basses de viole précédentes. Quant à l'attribution de l'auteur, elle est...
Page xxvii - ... common thing to-morrow, the violin stands where it stood three hundred years ago, and every attempt at altering its form or any smallest part of it has been a dismal failure.
Page 253 - II. ; during the reigns of James II., William and Mary, and Queen Anne ; improvement of its condition under George I., and its advancement under George II.
Page xxvi - ... from it to delight the soul of Man! But is that all? Imagine this frail body which weighs about 13 to 15 ounces supporting by marvelous adjustment of its 58 parts, a tension lengthwise of about 88 pounds and a vertical pressure of about 26 pounds or altogether a weight of over 100 pounds on its top, by which, resistance and elasticity of structure are held in perfect equilibrium. At all events, it demonstrates a simplicity of construction the perfection of which has ever filled the thoughtful...
Page 209 - He helped to hurry the growing-old process — brought out the lines, the spots, and the wrinkles on the once fair face. He, before all others, established the iron rule of technique, with its train of other evils, in the place of the gentler reign of charming naivete
Page 195 - ... son paradis. Chez lui , les impressions de la nature étaient ineffaçables. Tous les jours de sa vie, aux approches du coucher du soleil, il se sentait un accablement, ou plutôt un accès de tristesse qu'il n'a jamais pu vaincre.
Page 157 - fiddling" to the dignity of an art by the side of other reproductive arts; who first (in his own land at least) freed it from mediaeval tavern and trampdom reminiscences, and the fiddler from the Unsavoury reputation of quackery and trickery and smelling of strong drinks which hitherto had clung...
Page 268 - It is worldly, but not for long; it is worldly without quite daring to be so ; even with the devil the master prefers wrestling in front of the altar (note the interludes in the Devil's-Sonata).

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