The History of the Descendants of John Dwight, of Dedham, Mass, Volume 1

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J. F. Trow & son, printers and bookbinders, 1874 - 1144 pages
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Anyone that's interested in the Dwight family history, or those married into the family should obtain a copy of these two volumes IF possible to find them. They were printed in two styles, either two volumes of which I have a set, or a single book about 5" thick and much smaller size. A late aunt had this one.
I'm of the 11 generation of Direct decendants of John. Of four branches, one went to NYC, another to the southern states, a third to Scio Mich, my side, the other I've forgotten where they went. I and Dad, Uncles etc, have found a great deal of info. spelling out our direct ancestors all the way to England. The last entry of our side was George Whitfield Dwight, my great grandfather.
I have read both books all the way thru once and studied them many times since. I found there's very interesting info about a great many folks, but, also a real need to take notes and keep track because many times when a baby died, it's name was used for the next one also. Sometimes 3 in a row named the same and all died. Mighty confusing at times. The names and dates, lineage and fields of work that were known to the author were told extensively as well as he could do so. He listed and wrote about most people that had married into the family, their in laws, cousins, and distant relatives. Sometimes a half dozen or more generations all unrelated except one of their family happened to have been either a Dwight, or married into the family. Again, it takes notes and intense concentration to keep it all figured out. Somewhere around 12,000 people are named and info written about each one if the author could find it out. He spent some 12 years writing hundreds of letter around the world trying to get all this info gathered up and in logical listing format. Not many folks have ever had this much interest, nor time to do so.
I highly recommend you find a copy to either buy, or study at a library. IF you do find one to buy, be prepared to part with a considerable sum. I was on a waiting list for around 4 years before my turn came up, then I couldn't afford it, I told Dad (George William Dwight), his brother Frank bought it instead.
Best wishes,
George Lester Dwight/Pueblo, CO

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