Handbook for Noncommissioned Officers of Infantry

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F. Hudson, 1916 - Infantry drill and tactics - 132 pages
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Page 17 - ... men oblique to the right, place themselves abreast of the pivot, and mark time. In the rear rank the third man from the right, followed in column by the second and first, moves straight to the front until in rear of his front-rank man, when all face to the right in...
Page 61 - Sir, all present or accounted for, or the names of the unauthorized absentees, and, without command, takes his post. If the company can not be formed by squads, the first sergeant commands : 1. Inspection, 2. ARMS, 3. Right shoulder, 4. ARMS, and calls the roll. Each man, as his name is called, answers here and executes order arms.
Page 50 - The coffin is then carried along the front of the escort to the grave, arms are presented, the music plays an appropriate air; the coffin having been placed over the grave, the music ceases and arms are brought to the order. The commander next commands: 1. Parade, 2. REST. The escort executes parade rest, officers and men inclining the head.
Page 11 - He requires the recruits to take the proper positions unassisted and does not touch them for the purpose of correcting them, except when they are unable to correct themselves. He avoids keeping them too long at the same movement, although each should be understood before passing to another. He exacts by degrees the desired precision and uniformity.
Page 81 - After the salutes have been acknowledged by the officers of the day, each guard is brought to the order by its commander. The commander of the new guard then directs the orderly or orderlies to fall out and report, and causes bayonets to be fixed, if so ordered by the commanding officer. Bayonets...
Page 83 - ... three paces to the right of the right guide. The reliefs form in the same order as when the guard was first divided, except that if the guard consists of dismounted Cavalry and Infantry, the Cavalry forms on the left.
Page 119 - At parade rest the heel of the pike is on the ground, as at the order; the pike is held with both hands in front of the center of the body, left hand uppermost. The order is resumed at the command attention.
Page 114 - Extend the right ami to i'ts full length in the direction of the staff. Cease playing: Bring the arm back to its original position in front of the body. To march: Turn the wrist and bring the staff to the front, the ferrule pointing upward and to the front; extend the arm to its full length In the direction of the...
Page 80 - As the new guard approaches the guardhouse, the old guard is formed in line, with its field music 3 paces to its right; and when the field music at the head of the new guard arrives opposite its left, the commander of the new guard commands: 1.
Page 96 - When challenged by a sentinel while posting his relief, the corporal commands: 1. Relief, 2. HALT; to the sentinel's challenge he answers " Relief," and at the order of the sentinel he advances alone to give the countersign, or to be recognized. When the sentinel says, " Advance relief,

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