Assyrian and Babylonian Literature: Selected Translations

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Appleton, 1904 - Assyro-Babylonian literature - 462 pages
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Page 352 - I have understood (it), I will carry out. (But what) shall I answer the city, the people and the elders ? Ea opened his mouth and spoke : Spoke to me his servant.
Page 93 - Esarhaddon, the powerful king, king of the world, King of Assyria, son of Sennacherib, King of Assyria, son of Sargon, King of Assyria.
Page 71 - I besieged and took. 200,150 people, great and small, male and female, horses, mules, asses, camels, cattle and sheep, without number, I brought away from them and counted as spoil. Himself, like a caged bird, I shut up in Jerusalem, his royal city.
Page 431 - I, thy servant, full of sighs, cry unto thee. Thou acceptest the fervent prayer of him who is burdened with sin. Thou lookest upon a man and that man lives. O potentate of the world, mistress of mankind! Merciful one, to whom it is good to turn, who accepteth supplication!
Page 157 - the chief of the gods of heaven and earth," " the king of the gods," and even
Page 72 - But as for Hezekiah of Judah, who had not submitted to my yoke, forty-six of his strong cities, together with...
Page 172 - I am Cyrus, king of the world, the great king, the powerful king, King of Babylon, King of Sumer and Akkad, king of the four quarters (of the world...
Page 51 - I, the great king, the powerful king, king of the world, King of Assyria, the king whose path was a cyclone, whose battle was a flaming sea, I am powerful, all-powerful, exalted, almighty, majestic, all-important in power.
Page 170 - In lyyar ... he slew its king (and) took away its possessions. He stationed his own garrison there. After this time his garrison remained there with that of the king . . . "17th year ... In the month Tammuz, when Cyrus gave battle in Opis (and) on the river Salsallat to the troops of Akkad, the people of Akkad he subdued (?). Whenever the people collected themselves, he slew them. On the fourteenth day Sippar was taken without battle. Nabonidus fled. On the sixteenth day, Gobryas, the governor of...
Page 25 - I planned, devised and thought out, built and completed. I made its interior brilliant like the dome of the heavens; decorated its walls, like the splendour of the rising stars, and made it grand with resplendent brilliancy. I reared its temple towers to heaven and completed its roof with burned brick; located therein the upper terrace containing the chamber of their great divinities...

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