United: A Novel, Volume 1

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G. Redway, 1886 - Theosophy
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Page 20 - ... fair though richly tinted complexion, sweetly delicate features, large blue eyes, and golden hair, invested her with undeniable claims to admiration. Her love of the quiet seclusion of Compton Wood was born of no shrinking timidity of nature, still less of any morose dislike of her fellow creatures. The sunny brightness of her own temperament gilded the old house with all the gaiety she required. Inheriting, though transmuting to a brighter phase, some of her father's attributes, she took things...
Page 7 - Miltenharn scheme, Edy brought up all her reserves with the unconscious genius of her sex. " Oh, Papa !" she cried, more in sorrow than in anger, " you don't mean that you will send me away from you against my will !" and with that she melted into tears. " My dear Edy, my pet, there, don't cry. It really never occurred to me,
Page 43 - Let me first stand a few moments where she has been standing," and she went up the two steps, remaining just within the door of the study. " Oh, B. dear, I have had such a glorious vision ! The beautiful angel has been here, just where I am standing, talking to me for I don't know how long, filling my mind with such rapture, I can't describe it to you. I feel that still. I have been lifted up out of myself — I can't bear to come down again.
Page 40 - ... room, which led into the Countess's Study. She was in no faint, however, as Miss Barkley had supposed at the first glance. As the governess rushed forward towards her she rose on to her knees, motioning Miss Barkley back with her left hand, and then got up entirely, still gazing into the inner room. " Oh, why did you disturb us ? " she said, in a dreamy tone, advancing towards the open door and standing with her right hand upon the side of the entrance. " What do you mean by ' us' Edith ? " Miss...
Page 207 - Edith put her hand to her head, and tried to recall something. " I seem as if I should remember something directly, but I don't know what it is. All I can think of is, that I was somehow told to

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