A Literary History of the Arabs

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T. Fisher Unwin, 1907 - Arabic literature - 500 pages



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Page 258 - So Caesar may : Then, lest he may, prevent. And since the quarrel Will bear no colour for the thing he is, Fashion it thus: that what he is, augmented, Would run to these and these extremities; And therefore think him as a serpent's egg Which, hatched, would as his kind grow mischievous, And kill him in the shell.
Page 182 - with Him save by His permission ? He knows what is before them and what behind them, and they comprehend not aught of His knowledge but of what He pleases. His throne extends over the heavens and the earth, and it tires Him not to guard them both, for He is high and grand."
Page 397 - states' (ahwdl), but the gnostic has no ' state/ because his vestiges are effaced and his essence is annihilated by the essence of another, and his traces are lost in another's traces. " I went from God to God until they cried from me in me,
Page 182 - God, there is no god but He, the living, the self-subsistent Slumber takes Him not, nor sleep. His is what is in the heavens and what is in the earth. Who is it that intercedes
Page 240 - no leisure to hate the Devil. I saw the Prophet in a dream. He said, 'O Rabi'a, do you love me?' I said, 'O Apostle of God, who does not love thee ?—but love of God hath so absorbed me that neither love nor hate of any other thing remains in my heart.
Page 180 - Ye have had a sign in the two parties who met ; one party fighting in the way of God, the other misbelieving; these saw twice the same number as themselves to the eyesight, for God aids with His help those whom He pleases. Verily in that is a lesson for those who have perception
Page 408 - My heart is capable of every form : A cloister for the monk, a fane for idols, A pasture for gazelles, the votary's Ka'ba, The tables of the Torah, the Koran. Love is the creed I hold : wherever turn His camels, Love is still my creed and faith."
Page 383 - The virtuous brother holds a high station in Paradise; the infidel is in the depths of Hell, and the child is among those who have obtained salvation.'" "Suppose now," said Ash'ari, "that the child should wish to ascend to the place occupied by his virtuous brother, would he be allowed to do so ?" " No,
Page 287 - bees laden with honey, to impart the precious stores which they had accumulated to crowds of eager disciples, and to compile with incredible industry those works of encyclopaedic range and erudition from which modern Science, in the widest sense of the word, has derived far more than is generally supposed.
Page 384 - al-Ash'ari, and I used to hold that the Koran was created, that the eyes of men shall not see God, and that we ourselves are the authors of our evil deeds. Now I have returned to the truth ; I renounce these opinions, and I

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