Northwestern Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 12

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1855 - Medicine
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Page 288 - Pathology and Treatment of Scrofula. Dr. NS Davis, of Chicago, HI., on the Nutritive Qualities of Milk, and the influence produced thereon by pregnancy and menstruation in the human female, and by pregnancy in the cow, and also on the question whether there is not some mode by which the nutritive constituents of milk can be preserved in their purity and sweetness, and furnished to the inhabitants of cities in such quantities as to supersede the present defective and often unwholesome method of supply.
Page 112 - ... wine is a mocker, and strong drink is raging, and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.
Page 128 - Surgeons of the same date, who shall be examined for promotion at different times, may be more readily determined, a majority of the members of the Board will be selected, if practicable, from those who served on the next preceding Board.
Page 89 - ... a good English education, a knowledge of natural philosophy and the elementary mathematical sciences, including geometry and algebra, and such an acquaintance, at least, with the Latin and Greek languages as will enable them to appreciate the technical language of medicine, and read and write prescriptions.
Page 378 - By JOHN HUGHES BENNETT, MD, FRSE, Professor of the Institutes of Medicine, and of Clinical Medicine, in the University of Edinburgh, An Introduction to Clinical Medicine.
Page 301 - That any such unnatural union as the mingling of an exclusive system, such as homoeopathy, with scientific medicine in a school, setting aside all questions of its untruthfulness, cannot fail, by the destruction of union and confidence, and the production of confusion and disorder, unsettling and distracting the mind of the learners, to so far impair the usefulness of teaching as to render every school, adopting such a policy, unworthy the support of the profession.
Page 372 - But no one can be considered as a regular practitioner or a fit associate in consultation whose practice is based on an exclusive dogma, to the rejection of the accumulated experience of the profession, and of the aids actually furnished by anatomy, physiology, pathology and organic chemistry.
Page 291 - That as few subjects of greater interest and importance could be presented to the consideration of the American Medical Association, now representing most of the States and Territories of the Union, than the attainment of a correct Medical Topography of each, with a history of its prevailing fevers and most successful treatment of the same...
Page 286 - ... me now as the revered sages and ornaments of their profession, meeting here the evidences of a reputation which had preceded them, and has long been cherished by us. And who can tell what have been the results of this kindly interchange of kindly feelings ? It has doubtless been felt in every commercial, social, and political relation of life, correcting the prejudices, harmonizing the discords, and subduing the dangers of our common country. We realize these facts. We recognize, in the members...
Page 443 - To be admitted to the degree of Doctor of Medicine, the student must exhibit evidence of having pursued the study of medicine and surgery for the term of three years with some respectable practitioner of medicine, (including lecture terms'), must have attended two full courses of lectures, the last of which must have been in the college of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Michigan...

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