Remains, Historical & Literary, Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester

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Chetham Society., 1855 - Cheshire (England)
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Page 231 - Moses thou (though spells and charms withstand) Hast brought them nobly home back to their Holy Land. Ah wretched we, poets of earth ! but thou Wert living the same poet which thou'rt now.
Page 174 - In the evening home to supper ; and there, to my great trouble, hear that the plague is come into the City (though it hath these three or four weeks since its beginning been wholly out of the City) ; but where should it begin but in my good friend and neighbour's, Dr. Burnett, in Fanchurch Street : which in both points troubles me mightily.
Page 231 - All that regards design, form, fable, which is the soul of poetry ; all that concerns exactness, or consent of parts, which is the body, will probably be wanting. Only pretty conceptions, fine metaphors, glittering expressions, and something of a neat cast of verse, which are properly the dress, gems, or loose ornaments of poetry, may be found in these verses.
Page 178 - But it is feared that the true number of the dead this week is near 1 0,000 ; partly from the poor that cannot be taken notice of, through the greatness of the number, and partly from the Quakers and others that will not have any bell ring for them.
Page 55 - ... for the king, saying, he desired to speak with him. While, at the last, he came where the king was sitting in the desk at his prayers ; but when he saw the king, he made him little reverence or salutation, but leaned down...
Page 51 - They have neither good bread, cheese, or drink. They cannot make them, nor will they learn. Their butter is very indifferent, and one would wonder how they could contrive to make it so bad.
Page 79 - Banded like robbers, stealing from their dens, By night they met, their holiest vows to pay, As if their deeds were dark, and...
Page 172 - I proceeded not without some pleasure." Dr. More, in a letter to Dr. Worthington, May 10, 1665. " I thank you for your freedom both to him and to me. It never came into my mind to print this Enchiridion, till his book was out, unless he would have professed his like of the project. I have new transcribed it all. Mr. Jenks and Mr.
Page 231 - Crashaw infinitely commended his Cardinal, but complained extremely of the wickedness of those of his retinue ; of which he, having the Cardinal's ear, complained to him. Upon which the Italians fell so far out with him that the Cardinal, to secure his life, was fain to put him from his service, and procuring him some small imploy...
Page 141 - This demonstration is of as much price and worth in theology as either the circulation of the blood in physic or the motion of the earth in natural philosophy.

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