A memoir on the origin of printing

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S. Hodgson, 1818
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Page 24 - ... operarum ministri, prima mali labes, quos inter Joannes quidam, sive is (ut fert suspicio) Faustus fuerit ominoso cognomine, hero suo infidus et infaustus, sive alius eo nomine, non magnopere laboro, quod silentum umbras inquietare nolim, contagione conscientiae quondam dum viverent tactas. Is ad operas excusorias Sacramento dictus, postquam artem jungendorum...
Page 3 - VI., to use all possible means for procuring a printingmould, for so it was then called, to be brought into this kingdom. The king, a good man, and much given to works of this nature, readily hearkened to the motion ; and taking private advice how to effect...
Page 4 - Mr. Tumour took to his assistance Mr. Caxton, a citizen of good abilities, who trading much into Holland, might be a creditable pretence, as well for his going, as stay in the Low Countries : Mr.
Page 4 - Holland, might be a creditable pretence, as well for his going as staying in the Low Countries. Mr. Tumour was in disguise, his beard and hair shaven quite off, but Mr. Caxton appeared known and public. They having received the...
Page 62 - ... honestly giving to Gutenberg the honour of the first invention, If his modesty and candour led Him to give up this praise to Gutenberg, what could induce him to withhold it from Coster and Harlem, if he had known (and know it, he must) that any such claim had existed?
Page 25 - ... tum vero ob ereptam furto gloriam sic ira exardescere solere senem , ut etiam lictoris exemplum eum fuisse editurum in plagiarium appareret, si vita illi superfuisset : tum devovere consuevisse diris ultricibus sacrilegum caput, noctesque illas damnare atque execrari , quas una cum scelere illo, communi in cubili per aliquot menses exegisset.
Page 5 - Ч is known to be otherwife, that city gaining that Art by the brother of one of the workmen of Harlem, who had learnt it at home of his brother, and after fet up for himfelf at Mentz). This prefs at Oxon was at leaft ten years, before there was any printing in Europe, except at Harlem, and Mentz, where alfo it was but new born...
Page 3 - The Original and Growth of Printing, collected out of History and the Records of this kingdome ; wherein is also demonstrated, that Printing appertaineth to the Prerogative Royal, and is a Flower of the Crown of England.
Page 23 - Isjorte in suburbano nemore spatiatus (ut solent sumpto cibo aut festis diebus cives qui otio abundant) cacpit fagiiios cortices principio in literarum typos conformare, quibus inversa ratione sigillatim chartae impressis versiculum unum atque alterum animi gratia ducebat, nepotibus generi sui liberis exemplum futurum. Quod ubi feliciter successerat, coepit animo altiora (ut erat ingenio magno et subacto) agitare, primumque omnium atramenti scriptorii genus glutinosius tenaciusque, quod vulgare lituras...
Page 61 - In primis igitur characteribus litterarum in tabulis ligneis per ordinem scriptis, formisque compositis vocabularium, Catholicon nuncupatum, impresserunt, sed cum iisdem formis nihil aliud potuerunt imprimere, eo quod characteres non fuerunt amovibiles de tabulis, sed insculpti, sicut diximus. Post haec inventis successerunt subtiliora, inveneruntque modum fundendi formas omnium Latini alphabet!

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