The Haarlem legend of the invention of printing by Lourens Janszoon Coster, critically examined. From the Dutch by J.H. Hessels, with an intr., and a classified list of the Costeruan incunabula, Volume 30

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Page 27 - Incarnation 1460, in the beloved city of Mentz (which belongs to the illustrious German nation, and which God has consented to prefer and to raise with such an exalted light of the mind and of free grace, above the other nations of the earth), not by means of pen, or pencil, or stencil plate, but by the admirable proportion, harmony and connection of the punches and matrices. Wherefore to thee, Divine Father, Son and Holy Ghost, triune and only...
Page 79 - An Inquiry into the Origin and Early History of Engraving upon Copper and in Wood, with an Account of Engravers and their Works, from the Invention of Chalcography by Maso Finiguerra, to the Time of Marc- Antonio Raimoudi.
Page 137 - Idée générale d'une Collection complète d'Estampes, avec une dissertation sur l'origine de la gravure et sur les premiers livres d'images...
Page xviii - Many specimens of early printing have been recovered from the bindings of other books, and these sometimes afford a very valuable evidence as to their history. Such fragments in the binder's hands are either sheets of books which have been used up and thrown away, and may be called binder's waste ; or else they are spoilt sheets or unused proofs from a printer's office, and, may be called printer's waste. In early times the printers were frequently their own binders ; many instances can be found...
Page 2 - This remarkable earliest stock catalogue commences with, " Das gross buch genannt Gesta Romanorum mit den viguren gemolt.
Page 8 - the highly valuable art of printing was invented first of all in Germany at Mainz on the Rhine. And it is a great honour to the German nation that such ingenious men are to be found among them.
Page 27 - By the assistance of the most High, at whose will the tongues of children become eloquent, and who often reveals to babes what He hides from the wise...
Page xvii - Another inscription indicates that this copy had belonged to the convent of St. James, at Lille. i 1 have not been able to give a complete list of all the existing copies of the different editions of the Speculum. I have some hope that in the course of time I shall be able to find out where they are. Now, the abbat_Conrad, who bought this book for his convent, was Conrad du Moulin, who was abbat only from 1471 to 1474. This is the only date we can use at present.i It is, as Mr. Bradshaw observes...
Page xix - Ind in den iairen vns heren do men schreyff MCCCCL. do was eyn gulden iair, do began men tzo drucken ind was dat eyrste boich dat men druckde die Bybel zo latijn, ind wart gedruckt mit eynre grouer schriftt.
Page 104 - Monnoyes y dépêcher personnes entendues à ladite taille, pour s'informer secrètement de l'art, et en enlever subtilement l'invention ; et y fut envoyé Nicolas Jenson, garçon saige, et l'un des bons Graveurs de la Monnoye de Paris.

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