Flying Machines construction & Operation

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Page 36 - inch in diameter and rounded in form so as to offer as little resistance as possible to the wind. The struts, there are twelve of them, are 3 feet long by
Page 184 - which brings the case into the category of rising wind effects. But the bird was observed to have a negative angle to the horizon of about 3, as near as could be guessed, so that his angle of incidence to the "relative wind" was reduced to 16 26'. The relative speed of his soaring was therefore: Velocity
Page 184 - who, moreover, stated that the resistance of a live bird might be less, as the dried plumage could not be made to lie smooth. This particular buzzard weighed in life 4.25 pounds, the area of his wings and body was 4.57 square feet, the maximum cross-section of his body was
Page 33 - The generally accepted rule is that. 152 square feet of surface will sustain the weight of
Page 34 - are all stronger, but they are also considerably heavier, and where the saving of weight is essential, the difference is largely in favor of
Page 234 - square feet, but as the ends of the plane are sharply tapered from the rear, the actual surface is reduced to 150 square feet. Projecting from the main frame is an elongated tail (shown in the illustration) which carries the horizontal and vertical rudders. The former is made in three sections. The center piece is
Page 234 - feet 1 inch in spread, and 2 feet 10 inches in depth, containing 17 square feet of surface. The end sections, which are made movable for warping purposes, are each 2 feet 10 inches square, the combined surface area in the entire horizontal rudder being 33 square feet. The vertical rudder contains 4
Page 36 - thick are necessary. These pieces must be straight-grain, and absolutely free from knots. If it is impossible to obtain clear pieces of this length, shorter ones may be spliced, but this is not advised as it adds materially to the weight. The twelve stanchions should be 4 feet long and
Page 128 - Bleriot 700 Antoinette 1,200 Curtiss 700 Wright *i,ioo Farman 1,200 Voisin 1,200 •The Wrights' new machine weighs only 900 pounds. While the average supporting surface is in favor of Surface in sq. feet 0.7 2.65 5-03 9-85 Horse power O.OI2 O.O26 0.015 0.043 Supporting area per Ib. 0.7 0.2833 I.
Page 146 - inches thick. Dimensions of 1909 Machine. The 1909 aeroplane was built primarily for greater speed, and relatively heavier; to be less at the mercy of the wind. This result was obtained as follows: The aerocurves, or carrying surfaces, were reduced in dimensions from 40 by 6 feet to 36 by

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