Rebel Rhymes and Rhapsodies

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Page 44 - THE despot's heel is on thy shore, Maryland! His torch is at thy temple door, Maryland! Avenge the patriotic gore That flecked the streets of Baltimore, And be the battle-queen of yore, Maryland, my Maryland! Hark to an exiled son's appeal, Maryland! My Mother State, to thee I kneel, Maryland! For life and death, for woe and weal, Thy peerless chivalry reveal, And gird thy beauteous limbs with steel, Maryland, my Maryland! Thou wilt not cower in the dust, Maryland!
Page 181 - STONEWALL JACKSON'S WAY COME, stack arms, men! Pile on the rails, Stir up the camp-fire bright; No growling if the canteen fails, We'll make a roaring night. Here Shenandoah brawls along, There burly Blue Ridge echoes strong, To swell the Brigade's rousing song Of
Page 18 - To arms, in Dixie ! Advance the flag of Dixie ! Hurrah ! hurrah ! For Dixie's land we take our stand, And live or die for Dixie ! To arms ! To arms ! And conquer peace for Dixie...
Page 280 - Who climbed the blue Virginian hills Against embattled foes, And planted there, in valleys fair, The lily and the rose; Whose fragrance lives in many lands, Whose beauty stars the earth, And lights the hearths...
Page 48 - With floods of crimson rain! Come, with the weapons at your call — With musket, pike, or knife; He wields the deadliest blade of all Who lightest holds his life. The arm that drives its unbought blows With all a patriot's scorn, Might brain a tyrant with a rose, Or stab him with a thorn.
Page 46 - Maryland, my Maryland ! Dear Mother, burst the tyrant's chain, Maryland! Virginia should not call in vain, Maryland! She meets her sisters on the plain,— "/Sic semper!
Page 118 - We are a band of brothers, and native to the soil, Fighting for the property we gained by honest toil; And when our rights were threatened, the cry rose near and far, Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a Single Star.
Page 45 - For life and death, for woe and weal, Thy peerless chivalry reveal, And gird thy beauteous limbs with steel, Maryland, My Maryland! Thou wilt not cower in the dust, Maryland! Thy beaming sword shall never rust, Maryland! Remember Carroll's sacred trust, Remember Howard's warlike thrust, And all thy slumberers with the just, Maryland, My Maryland!
Page 212 - O'er the path to the River. But their banners, shot-scarred, and all darkened with gore, On a strong wind of morning streamed wildly before, Like the wings of Death-angels swept fast to the shore, The green shore of the River. As they march — from the hill-side, the hamlet, the stream — Gaunt throngs, whom the Foeman had manacled, teem, Like men just roused from some terrible dream, To pass o'er the River.
Page 269 - There was wailing in the houses, There was trembling on the marts, While the tempest raged and thundered, Mid the silent thrill of hearts ; But the Lord, our shield, was with us, And ere a month had sped, Our very women walked the streets With scarce one throb of dread. And the little children...

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