Women of Christianity, exemplary for acts of piety and charity

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Page 490 - The author of these various manuals of the social sciences has the art of stating clearly the abstruse points of political economy and metaphysics, and making them level to every understanding.
Page 480 - By the ' Seven Lamps of Architecture," we understand Mr. Ruskin to mean the seven fundamental and cardinal laws, the observance of and obedience to which are indispensable to the architect, who would deserve the name. The politician, the moralist, the divine, will find in it ample store of instructive matter, as well as the artist.
Page 262 - I have been bullied by an usurper ; I have been neglected by a court ; but I will not be dictated to by a subject : your man shan't stand. " ANNE Dorset, Pembroke and Montgomery.
Page 449 - Attended divine service in the morning at the prison. The male prisoners only were assembled; a female, resident in the town, officiated ; her voice was exceedingly melodious, her delivery emphatic, and her enunciation extremely distinct. The service was the liturgy of the Church of England ; two psalms were sung by the whole of the prisoners, and extremely well — much better than I have frequently heard in our best-appointed churches. A written discourse, of her own composition, was read by her...
Page 40 - ... eye hath not seen, nor ear " heard, nor hath it entered into the heart of man to
Page 482 - EXAMPLES OF THE ARCHITECTURE OF VENICE, SELECTED AND DRAWN TO MEASUREMENT FROM THE EDIFICES. In Parts of Folio Imperial size, each containing Five Plates, and a short Explanatory Text, price II.
Page 10 - For I reckon, that the sufferings of this time are not worthy to be compared with the glory to come, that shall be revealed in us.
Page 253 - Peace; and would passionately profess, 'that the very agony of the war, and the view of the calamities and desolation the kingdom did and must endure, took his sleep from him, and would shortly break his heart'.
Page 317 - Several of the grown-up youths had been tried at the last assizes ; three were the children of a person lately condemned to be hanged ; — many thieves ! all ignorant, profane, and vicious beyond belief ! Of this banditti we have enlisted one hundred and seventy ; and when the clergyman, a hard man, who is also the magistrate, saw these creatures kneeling...
Page 463 - His servants, by bestowing upon them very limited means of support; as in the case of Naomi and Ruth ; of the widow of Zarephath and Elijah ; and my mind, in the contemplation of such trials, seemed exalted by more than human energy; for I had counted the cost, and my mind was made up. If, whilst imparting truth to others, I became exposed to temporal want, the privation so momentary to an individual would not admit of comparison with following the Lord, in thus administering to others.

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