A Journey Over Land to India, Partly by a Route Never Gone Before by Any European: In a Series of Letters to His Son. Comprehending His Shipwreck and Imprisonment with Hyder Alli, and His Subsequent Negociations and Transactions in the East

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Bartram and Reynolds, 1807 - Adventure and adventurers - 438 pages

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Page 152 - The discovery which they made amply compensated for this mischief; as, without their evidence, the world would not have known at this hour that there was originally a statue on this pillar, one foot and ancle of which are still remaining.
Page 370 - ... on them : they then poured on the pile, above where the woman lay, a potful of fomething that appeared to me to be oil ; after this they heaped on more wood, to the height of about four feet above where the bodies were built in; fo that all I now faw was a ftack of fire-wood.
Page 282 - On the 19th, the sky was obscured by immense fleeces of clouds, surcharged with inflammable matter; and, in the evening, the rain fell in torrents, the firmament darkened apace, sudden night came on, and the horrors of extreme darkness were rendered still more horrible by the peals of thunder which rent the air, and the frequent flashes of lightning, which served only to...
Page 235 - Whatever withdraws us from the power of our fenfes ; whatever makes the paft, the diftant, or the future predominate over the prefent, advances us in the dignity of thinking beings. Far from me and from my friends, be fuch frigid philofophy as may conduct us indifferent and unmoved over any ground which has been dignified by wifdom, bravery, or virtue. That man is little to be envied, whofe patriotifm ) would not gain force upon the plain of ) Marathon, or whofe piety would not grow \ farmer among...
Page 287 - Hall had got upon the capstan, and was waving his hand to me to follow his example : this I wished to do, though it was an enterprise of...
Page 281 - I actually fettled all my affairs up to that day, made my will, left it with Mr. HENSHAW, and, full of dreadful forebodings of fhipwreck, went on board a Portuguefe fnow bound to Madras.
Page 294 - I fuddenly grew deadly fick, and apprehended that I had only exchanged one death for another; and in a minute or two fainted away.
Page 310 - Having thus, with equal zeal and fidelity, endeavoured to imprefs me with veneration for his Lord and Mafter , and for that purpofe attributed to him every perfection that may be fuppofed. to be divided among all the Kings...
Page 247 - I afked my fervant with fome warmth what it meant. — He faid that the facks contained fome young women whom the Tartar had bought. — " Good Goi> !" faid I, " is it poffible that he can have bought wretched females to treat them with fo little tendernefs ?" " He has bought them," returned my fervant, " in the way of traffic, not for pleafure.
Page 319 - He was a man once of the higheft rank in the country where now he was a prifoner: for a feries of years he had been governor and fole manager of the whole province of Bidanore. This was during the reign of the laft Rana, or Queen, whofe family had been fovereigns of the country for time immemorial, till HYDER made a conqueft of, and annexed it to his other ufurpations. Unfortunately for him, he was fuppofed to have amafTed and fecreted enormous treafures, in confequence of which he had already undergone...

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