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User Review  - jen.e.moore - LibraryThing

This book is so exactly what I want out of a study of urban legends that I kind of think I read it at some point in the past and have since been comparing all other urban legend books to it. Brunvand ... Read full review

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User Review  - cloudshipsinger - LibraryThing

3 stars almost feels too low, given how ravenously I read this book. But I feel it had too much simple recounting of urban legends, and not enough analysis of what they tell about social insecurities ... Read full review

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User Review  - satyridae - LibraryThing

I loved this book. This is what we were forced to use before snopes came along, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. It's funny to think that urban legends used to be primarily transmitted by mouth. Read full review

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User Review  - datrappert - LibraryThing

This is a fascinating recount of several of the most enduring urban legends, showing how they, in some cases, date back many years and have evolved in the telling. I haven't read any of the various ... Read full review

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User Review  - iayork - LibraryThing

The very best book ever on this subject: This author is a rare find in literature of this kind: a genuine, professional folklorist who carefully documents his subject and traces its beginnings ... Read full review

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Super Professor! University of Utah
I'm a former student mentioned in the book ...what fantastic times we had in his classes!
The book is mid way between a publication for the public and a formal presentation for a Folklore Conference, but it is never dull! It was his first popular culture publication I believe.
My favorite time was researching for the Microwave Oven Tales and THE HOOK. In fact my husband at the time (Cameron) was unaware of the story of THE HOOK that happened in his small Kansas town, but his best buddy who was visiting us told me the whole story with details.
Not everyone knows everything! Had so much fun researching and writing I never knew Professor Brunvand was really going to write this book! I just remember his goal was to get on Johnny Carson; He made David Letterman but never Carson sadly.
So, what do you know and really believe?

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User Review  - johnnylogic - LibraryThing

Fascinating exploration of urban legends by the coiner of the term. Suffers from too many Freudian flailings. Read full review

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