The Modern Traveller: A Description, Geographical, Historical, and Topographical, of the Various Countries of the Globe, Volume 3

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Page 17 - So he fled with all that he had; and he rose up, and passed over the river, and set his face toward the mount Gilead. "And it was told Laban on the third day that Jacob was fled. "And he took his brethren with him, and pursued after him seven days' journey; and they overtook him in the mount Gilead.
Page 10 - We had scarcely passed these venerable monuments, when the hills opening discovered to us, all at once, the greatest quantity of ruins we had ever seen, all of white marble, and beyond them, towards the Euphrates, a flat waste, as far as the eye could reach, without any object which shewed either life or motion.
Page 163 - Thyatira is situated near a small river, a branch of the Caicus, in the centre of an extensive plain. At the distance of three or four miles it is almost completely surrounded by mountains. The houses are low ; many of them of mud or earth.
Page 150 - Our eye has affected our hearts, while we saw around us the ruins of this once splendid city, with nothing now to be seen, but a few mud huts, inhabited by ignorant, stupid, filthy, Turks; and the only men, who bear the Christian name, at work all day in their mill. Every thing seems, as if God had cursed the place, and left it to the dominion of Satan.
Page 45 - Mahomet's tomb, having the old one brought back in return for it, which is esteemed of an inestimable value, after having been so long next neighbour to the Prophet's rotten bones. The beast which carries this sacred load, has the privilege to be exempted from all other burdens ever after. " After the mahmal* came another troop, and with them the Bassa himself ; and last of all, twenty loaded camels, with which the train ended, having been three quarters of an hour in passing.
Page 289 - ... stand up among the trees, "resembling the representations of rocks on Chinese earthenware ;" the way afterwards passes through a beautiful mountain scenery, romantic valleys covered with pine, juniper, oak, and beach, with rivulets of clear water trickling through, till it arrives at Sheich-Amur, perched on a rocky hill in a small hollow, surrounded by an amphitheatre of woody mountains.
Page 278 - has an imposing appearance, from the number and size of its mosques, colleges, and other public buildings ; but these stately edifices are crumbling into ruins, whilst the houses of the inhabitants consist of a mixture of small huts, built of sundried brick, and wretched hovels thatched with reeds.
Page 243 - who surveyed this coast in 1811, 1812, rises abruptly from a low sandy isthmus, which is separated from the mountains by a broad plain : two of its sides are cliffs of great height and absolutely perpendicular : and the eastern side, on which the town is placed, is so steep that the houses seem to rest on...
Page 284 - Nothing can more strongly show the little progress that has hitherto been made in a knowledge of the ancient geography of Asia Minor, than that, of the cities which the journey of St. Paul has made so interesting to us, the site of one only (Iconium) is yet certainly known. Perga, Antioch of Pisidia, Lystra, and Derbe, remain to be discovered.

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