A Chinese and English Vocabulary in the Pekinese Dialect

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Customs Press, 1871 - Chinese language - 677 pages
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Page 670 - I2th month; offerings are made on that day of rice, flour, puddings, fruits, and sugar, for " sugar will cause his mouth to stick so that he will not be able to report any bad actions of the family to 2 j|l." Paper chairs are sold in quantities at this time " to assist him in ascending to heaven. " " He returns to his duty on the I$th of the 1st month.
Page 654 - ... to part and distinguish. a hamlet ; the Chinese mile. 8 STROKES. the metals ; gold. to grow ; length. a gate, a door. a mound of earth. to reach to, to arrive at. short- tailed birds. rain. sky-blue. negative ; wrong. the face ; the outside. ™ 9 STROKES.
Page 665 - T'ang dynasty who thoroughly unserasood music, established a school for the instruction of singers and players, and selected several hundred girls, whom he himself taught to sing in a pear garden ; these girls were called !fl '^^ ^j [Q] -f ifo, the Emperor's pear garden pupils, and to this day actors,, iSie., are called the
Page 671 - T'ai-sui; who, if bareheaded, is symbolical of heat; with the cap on, cold; if he wears shoes, much rain; barefooted, dry weather. The procession marches to the eastward to receive the spring and returns to the local god's temple to worship, each official afterwards going to his own office. At the magistrate's office a dinner has been prepared called Ck'un yen 'the spring banquet," this, after the magistrate has dined, is taken by the people.
Page 661 - ... daylight some even assert they can see Myriads of eyes from its foliage peeping. At a dynasty's close — there are heard wailing cries, As if restless spirits sad dirges were singing 'Mid its branches and leaves : — when an emperor dies, The leaves emit moans as if " air-bells " 3 were ringing. 1 Huai. This is a very beautiful overspreading tree, the yellow blossoms of which are used as a dye. Its medicinal and other properties are too well known to need recapitulation here. 2 This tree is...
Page 671 - ... the first harbinger of autumn. This tree is much admired by the Chinese, the popular idea being that its branches are the favourite resort of the phoenix. The proverb says : — If you have not the Wu Vung tree, You cannot call the phcenix to come.
Page 654 - STROKES. to perceive, with the eye, nose, ear, or mind. horns ; a corner. words. a valley. beans. the pig. reptiles without feet. the tortoise ; his shell ; hence, precious. flesh colour. to walk or run. the foot ; enough. the body.
Page 671 - welcoming spring,' all the local magistrates, with their escorts, go in procession carrying a gaudily painted image of a cow — each color is symbolical, if yellow predominates, the crops will be plentiful; red, conflagrations will take place; white, floods; black, sickness; and blue, war. This is followed by the god...
Page 663 - Heaven, &c. is called a tsan'-lp-luuy- t^^ jjj^ jj[i. 56. jili'-sMli' ^j ^. The popular notion of an eclipse is, that a wild sun (some say dog ) tries to eat the sun ; hence the name

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