Clarentine [by S.H. Burney].

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Page 23 - Clarentine, then about eleven years old, fcarcely left his room a moment, fhared in all his mother's fatigue, helped to beguile the long hours of her confinement and attendance; read, talked to him by his bed-fide when he got better, and fuffered no one but...
Page 23 - Clarentine pleaded for them, and obtained a quicker pardon; pardon; if after running about the whole afternoon, they returned at evening heated and alarmed, to recount fome pickle-exploit, or fearful mifadventure, Clarentine hurried them to their room, foftened...
Page 22 - Not however in their boifterous and turbulent hours did (he fo much love them, as when fitting on a bench at the end of the garden, with Edgar on one fide, and Frederick on the other, fhe could...
Page 22 - Frederick on the other, fhe could fore over •with them fome of the delightful adventures in the Arabian Nights -, or wonder, laugh, and cry by turns at the miraculous cfcapes of Robinfon Crufoe, and the affectionate firnplicity of his man Friday.

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