Sammlung der ihm Zugeschriebenen Homilien nebst Untersuchungen über ihre Echtheit

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Weidmann, 1883 - Sermons, English (Old) - 318 pages
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Page 159 - wœs here and hunger, bryne and blodgyte on gewelhwylcon ende oft and gelome ; and us stalu and cwalu, stric and steorfa, orfcwealm and uncodu, hol 10 and hete and rypera reaflac derede swyde pearle, and us ungylda swyde gedrehton, and us unwedera for oft weoldan
Page 164 - and eac her syn on earde godes widersacan and cyrichatan hetole and leodhatan grimme ealles to manege and oferhogan wide godcundra rihtlaga and
Page 2 - ac we synd pam gelicost gescapene on pisse worulde, pe sum cyning hate sum forworht wif don on carcern, and
Page 156 - pam ende, and dy hit is on worulde a, swa leng, swa wyrse, and swa hit sceal nyde
Page 162 - ende oft and gelome, and Engle nu lange eal sigelease and to swyde geyrgde purh godes yrre, and flotmen
Page 156 - Sermo Lupi ad Anglos, quando Dani maxime persecuti sunt eos, quod fuit anno
Page 65 - rihtlice healdan. be Cristes agenum naman syn cristene genamode, fordam Crist is cristenra heafod, and ealle cristene men syndon to Cristes limum getealde, gyf hy heora cristendom gehealdad mid rihte.
Page 21 - ge sod godd on godcundnesse ge eac sod man purh da menniscnesse, pe he underfeng purh his modor Sea Marian for ealles mancynnes neode and for ealles middaneardes alysednesse.
Page 253 - lufan godes and manna. ne syn we to gifre ne to frece ne to firenlustgeorne ne to
Page 204 - yfeles and bete his misdaeda pa hwile, pe he mage and mote; god is swyde mildheort and wyle swyde gemildsjan and mycel forgifan