A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Gonville and Caius, Volume 1

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Page 337 - That the House of C. hath equal power with the Peeres in point of Judicature, 1621, to Sir Edward Montague. . . 383—6 c. Answer to arguments in the House of Commons that ecclesiastical laws should be made by temporal men. . 387—91 d. Remonstrance of the Treaties of Amity and Marriage of the House of Austria and Spain with the Kings of England. 393—6 e. Opinion concerning the alteration of Coin, before the Counsell 381 /. Answer of the Committees to the Proposition of the Mint, 1626, Sept. 2...
Page 195 - Petri Peregrini Maricurtensis de magnete seu rota perpetui motus libellus, diui Ferdinandi Rhomanorum Imperatoris auspicio, per Achillem P : Gasserum L: nunc primum promulgatus. Augsburgi in Suevis, 1558.
Page 168 - Augustini qualiter vera et perfecta dilectio debeat custodiri. 16. ut non solum lingua sed et moribus laudetur Deus, quia quale est quod cogitatur in corde, tale est quod procedit in opere.
Page 65 - I hold," and by other papers on peace with Spain and on the Palatinate ; temp. Jas. I. ff. 218-275. 18. " The coppie of a letter sent out of the Lowe Countries by a gentleman entertayned by the Kinge of Spayne in pencion to a younge gent, his kinseman in England": a tract, written in 1589, intended to deter English Catholics from entering the service of Spain, giving examples of their treatment in the Netherlands and a general account of the condition of the country and of the Spanish monarchy.
Page 337 - ... may take notice of them accordingly, as they will answer the contrary at their utmost perils. Given under our signet at our honour of Hampton court the sixth day of October, in ?o the tenth year of our reign.
Page 196 - In erth there ys a lityll thyng, That reynes as a grete kyng There he is knowen in londe; Peny is hys name callydde, Ffor he makyth both yong and olde To bowe unto hys hande. Pope, kyng, and emperoure, Byschope, abbot and prioure, Parson, preste, and knygt, Duke, erle, and baron, To serve syr Peny are they boen* Both be day and nygth.
Page 332 - Quoniam ex ipso, et in ipso et per ipsum sunt omnia; ipsi honor et gloria in saecula saeculorum.
Page 221 - Strype's Whitgift, 368. 64. The Effect of some of the principal Matters in the Bil and Complaint against Mr. Cartwright and the rest. In Strype's Whitgift, 372. Endorsed by lord Burghley, with the date 23 June 1591. 65. Orders agreed upon by the Archb. of Canterburie and the BB. of the Province, by them and such as are under them to be observed, for the better executynge of the Lawes established, and avoiding sundrye offences (A prill 11, Ao. 1593.) MS. Cai. Coll. 197. fo. 173.
Page 158 - That man in my opinion is cowardly and base, and deserveth neither the name of a gentleman nor a soldier, that is unwilling to sacrifice his life for the honour of God and the good of his King and country.
Page 66 - THE life which I had (most mighty prince) the law hath taken from me; and I am now but the same earth and dust out of which I was first framed.