Stella Rosevelt

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A.L. Burt, 1903 - 312 pages
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Page 316 - Bob Hampton of Placer. By Randall Parrish. Bob, Son of Battle. By Alfred Ollivant. Brass Bowl, The. By Louis Joseph Vance.
Page 319 - Popular Copyright Books AT MODERATE PRICES Any of the following: titles can be bought of your bookseller at the price you paid for this volume j _ Spirit of the Border, The.
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Page 320 - Voice of the People, The. By Ellen Glasgow. Wheel of Life, The. By Ellen Glasgow. When Wilderness Was King. By Randall Parrish. Where the Trail Divides. By Will Lillibridge. Woman in Grey, A. By Mrs. CN Williamson. Woman in the Alcove, The. By Anna Katharine Green.. Younger Set, The. By Robert W. Chambers. The Weavers. By Gilbert Parker. The Little Brown Jug at Kildare. By Meredith Nicholson. The Prisoners of Chance. By Randall Parrish. My Lady of Cleve. By Percy J. Hartley. Loaded Dice. By Ellery...
Page 316 - Any of the following titles can be bought of your bookseller at the price you paid for this volume The Shepherd of the Hills. By Harold Bell Wright. Jane Cable. By George Barr McCutcheon. Abner Daniel. By Will N. Harben. The Far Horizon. By Lucas Malet. The Halo. By Bettina von Hutten. Jerry Junior. By Jean Webster. The Powers and Maxine.
Page 320 - Sherlock Holmes. By A. Conan Doyle. That Printer of Udell's. By Harold Bell Wright Throwback, The. By Alfred Henry Lewis. Trail of the Sword, The. By Gilbert Parker. Treasure of Heaven, The. By Marie Corelli.
Page 315 - Bettina von Hutten. Pardners. By Rex Beach. Partners of the Tide. By Joseph C. Lincoln. Passage Perilous, The. By Rosa N. Carey. Passers By. By Anthony Partridge. Paternoster Ruby, The. By Charles Edmonds Walk. Patience of John Moreland, The. By Mary Dillon. Paul Anthony, Christian. By Hiram W. Hays. Phillip Steele. By James Oliver Curwood. Phra the Phoenician. By Edwin Lester Arnold. Plunderer, The. By Roy Norton. Pole Baker. By Will N. Harben. Politician, The. By Edith Huntington Mason.
Page 319 - North. By Randall Parrish. Mystery of June 13th. By Melvin L. Severy. Mystery Tales. By Edgar Allan Poe. Nancy Stair. By Elinor Macartney Lane. Order No. 11. By Caroline Abbot Stanley. Pam. By Bettina von Hutten. Pam Decides. By Bettina von Hutten. Partners of the Tide. By Joseph C. Lincoln. Phra the Phoenician. By Edwin Lester Arnold. President, The. By Afred Henry Lewis. Princess Passes, The. By CN and AM Williamson. Princess Virginia, The. By CN and AM Williamson. Prisoners. By Mary Cholmondeley.
Page 313 - Day of the Dog, The. By George Barr McCutcheon. Depot Master, The. By Joseph C. Lincoln.
Page 318 - Last Trail, The. By Zane Grey. Leavenworth Case, The. By Anna Katharine Green. Lilac Sunbonnet, The. By SR Crockett. Lin McLean. By Owen Wister. Long Night, The. By Stanley J. Weyman. Maid at Arms, The. By Robert W. Chambers.

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