Carl Schurz and the Liberal Republicans

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University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1920 - 162 pages
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Page 8 - That, while providing revenue for the support of the general government by duties upon imports, sound policy requires such an adjustment of these imposts as to encourage the development of the industrial interests of the whole country...
Page 5 - ... the southern State governments upon the basis of impartial justice and equal rights, are received back into the communion of the loyal people ; and we favor the removal of the disqualifications and restrictions imposed upon the late rebels in the same measure as the spirit of disloyalty will die out, and as may be consistent with the safety of the loyal people.
Page 8 - ... liberal wages, to agriculture remunerating prices, to mechanics and manufacturers an adequate reward for their skill, labor and enterprise, and to the nation commercial prosperity and independence.
Page 5 - Minority or Radical Platform. "Third. That we are in favor of re-enfranchising those justly disenfranchised for participation in the late rebellion, as soon as it can be done with safety to the State, and that we concur in the propriety of the legislature having submitted to the whole people of the State the question whether such time has now arrived ; upon which question we recognize the right of any member of the party to vote his honest convictions.
Page 31 - appeared throughout like a gentleman engaged in a dirty piece of work," 141 was willing to assume the task of speaking for the Administration forces, and he advanced as the reason for Sumner's deposition the alleged fact that the " personal relations existing between the Senator from Massachusetts and the President of the United States and the head of the State Department are such as preclude ... all social intercourse between them.
Page 79 - West. (In: Essays in American history dedicated to Frederick Jackson Turner. New York, 1910. p. 113-135.) IAG Morison, Samuel Eliot. The life and letters of Harrison Gray Otis, Federalist, 1765-1848. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1913. 2 v. AN Phillips, Ulrich Bonnell. The South Carolina Federalists. (American historical review, v. 14, p. 529-543, 731-743. 1909.) *R- Room 300...
Page 11 - I regard the movement headed by Carl Schurz, Brown, etc., as similar to the Tennessee and Virginia movements, intended to carry a portion of the Republican party over to the Democracy and thus give them control.
Page 58 - Constitution recently declared adopted, as a settlement in fact of all the issues of the war, and acquiesce in the same as no longer issues before the country.
Page 36 - An Act to enforce the Provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and for other Purposes.
Page 11 - November 1, 1891, in Frederic Bancroft, ed.. Speeches, Correspondence and Political Papers of Carl Schurz (New York, 1913), V, 83; and same to same, March 1, 1892, ibid., V, 83-84.

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