Guide to the Materials for American History, to 1783, Volume 1

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Carnegie institution of Washington, 1912 - Newfoundland and Labrador - 427 pages
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Page 180 - Connecticut river, so far as concerns the late encroachments under the government of New Hampshire. And also a state of the rights of the colony of New- York, so far as concerns the grants formerly made by the French government of Canada, of lands on Lake-Champlain, and at and to the southward of Crown-Point.
Page 230 - Esq., or, in his absence, to such as for the time being take care for preserving the peace and administering the laws in their Majesties' province of New York, in America.
Page 8 - No person other than an officer of the Record Office shall make any mark, in pencil or otherwise, upon any Record, Document, or Book belonging to the Public Record Office.
Page 239 - ... Protestants and others therein mentioned, as are settled or shall settle in any of His Majesty's colonies in America, to other foreign Protestants who conscientiously scruple the taking of an oath.
Page 9 - Room shall be empowered to exclude persons from the Public Record Office for any of the following reasons : Wilful breach of any of the foregoing Rules and Regulations , persistent disregard of the officer's authority, damage of any sort to any Record or article belonging to the Public Record Office, conduct, language, habits, unseemly dress, or any other matter offensive or likely to be reasonably offensive, to others using the Public Record Office. Provided always that the exclusion of any person...
Page vii - ... of their contents. In many instances I have used general descriptions with such details as would serve to indicate the subjects most prominently concerned. Elsewhere, I have omitted descriptions entirely, because the contents of the volumes or bundles seemed adequately explained by the heading. In order to avoid frequent repetition in the case of the original correspondence and the entry books of the Board of Trade and the Secretary of State, I have adopted the plan of giving a general account...
Page 180 - A State of the Right of the Colony of New York with respect to its Eastern Boundary on Connecticut River, so far as concerns the late encroachments under the Government of New Hampshire...
Page 8 - ... by any person admitted thereto for the purpose of inspecting or searching records or documents. 13. Tracings of records or documents shall not be made by any person without specific permission from the officer in charge of the room. 14. A list of all calendars, catalogues, and indexes intended for the use of the public shall be kept in each of the search rooms, and shall be revised from time to time. Calendars, catalogues, and indexes not mentioned therein, or withdrawn therefrom, shall not be...
Page 7 - A separate ticket shall be clearly written and signed by every person desiring to inspect or search any record or document for each record or document required, and such ticket shall be given by such person to the officer in charge of the room before any record or document can be produced to the applicant.
Page 158 - ... Land Patents WHITEHALL July 13, 1764 Sir, It being necessary that His Majesty should be fully informed of the true State of the Grants which have been made of Lands within the Province under your Government, we desire you will forthwith transmit to us an Abstract of the Record of all such Grants, from the first Establishment of the Colony, specifying the names of the Grantees, the time when each Grant was made, the Quantity of Acres, and the Quit Rent, if any, reserved thereon, and expressing...