The Coal Fields of King County

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E.L. Boardman, public printer, 1912 - Coal - 247 pages
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Page 247 - PUBLICATIONS OF THE US GEOLOGICAL SURVEY, IN COOPERATION WITH THE WASHINGTON GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. (For copies of these publications address the Director, US Geological Survey, Washington, DC) Topographic Maps of the Following Quadrangles: Mount Vernon, Quincy, Winchester, Moses Lake, Beverly and Red Rock. Price, 5 cents each. Water Supply Paper No. 253: Water Powers of the Cascade Range, Part I., Southern Washington. Water Supply Paper No.
Page 4 - LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL. Governor ME Hay, Chairman, and Members of the Board of Geological Survey: GENTLEMEN : I have the honor to submit herewith a report entitled "The Coal Fields of
Page 97 - "'In general, however, the sale price of coal land must necessarily be less than the gross royalty income that the same land would bring at the prevailing royalties. In the first place, the net royalty income derived by the lessor may be quite different
Page 98 - acre may have actually cost $150 to $300 or more an acre by the time the coal is mined. In other words, an acre of land that, when mined ten years hence, would yield $500 in royalties would be worth today, if interest is
Page 25 - Of the elements shown by an ultimate analysis, carbon is the only one at all satisfactory, and this fails in detail. "4. Carbon-hydrogen ratios form a satisfactory basis for classification. This scheme applies perfectly to all samples of fuel tested at St. Louis during the past year, and these include representatives of all classes, except cannel coal
Page 25 - 1. Fuel ratios, or any of the components of coal, as determined by a proximate analysis, are worthless for purposes of classification except for highly carbonized fuel, such as anthracite, semi-anthracite, and semi-bituminous coal. "2. Calorific values are equally unsuited, but in this case the failure is particularly
Page 106 - known, it is possible to predict with a fair degree of accuracy the
Page 24 - In considering schemes of classification, it must be remembered that our present knowledge of the chemical composition of coal is very imperfect, and that any scheme which may be proposed depends to a certain extent on unknown or little-understood factors. For this reason any scheme must be regarded as provisional. "The points of greatest weakness are our ignorance of the
Page 12 - A mine was opened and operated in a small way until "the Indian outbreak in 1855. Two of Bigelow's partners,. Fa-njoy and Eaton, were killed by the Indians and the mine Was abandoned. Several attempts have since been made to.
Page 4 - of the Survey reports. Very respectfully, HENRY LANDES, State Geologist. University Station, Seattle,

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