Third annual report of the Director of the Department of Archives and History of the State of Mississippi, from October 1, 1903, to October 1, 1904, with accompanying historical documents concerning the Aaron Burr conspiracy

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The Department, 1905 - Archives - 259 pages
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Page 124 - Be upon the alert — keep a watchful eye' on our General — and beware of an attack, as well from your own Country as Spain, I fear there something rotten in the State of Denmark — you have enemies within your own City, that may try to subvert your Government, and try to separate it from the Union.
Page 124 - This induces me to write you — put your Town in a state of Defence, organize your Militia and defend your City as well against internal enemies as external : my knowledge does not extend so far as to authorize me to go into detail, but I fear you will meet with an attack from quarters you do not at present expect. Be upon the alert — keep a watchful eye...
Page 163 - Council are convinced that it is not amongst the ancient inhabitants of this territory, and that, notwithstanding the dissatisfaction which they once manifested openly when they thought themselves aggrieved, there is no perfidy, no treason to be apprehended from them by the general government. If they do not yet possess all the privileges enjoyed by the American citizen, they already set so much value on the rights which have been granted to them, that their late privation of those rights in the...
Page 124 - Beware of the month of December. I love my country and government; I hate the Dons; I would delight to see Mexico reduced; but I will die in the last ditch before I would yield a foot to the Dons or see the Union disunited; this / write for your own eye and for your own safety.
Page 163 - It is indeed difficult to believe that, in the bosom of a government the most free that exists on earth, plots, the success of which must be fatal to liberty, should have been formed. If, however, it be true that the ambitious and depraved men who have conceived such criminal projects have found proselytes, the Legislative Council are convinced that it is not amongst the ancient inhabitants of this territory, and that, notwithstanding the dissatisfaction which they once manifested openly when they...
Page 118 - You could not for a moment withstand the desperation and superiority of numbers opposed to you and the brigands, provoked by the opposition, might resort to the dreadful expedient of exciting a revolt of the negroes.
Page 27 - ... intended to make invidious comparisons, it is quite generally believed that the American investigators of today are making a more extensive use of the archives of the English public record office concerning colonial affairs in North America than the historians of the mother country. In the past a few American historians have had access to the archives of England, France, and Spain, but such private investigations are expensive and can be made only by the favored few. If these invaluable sources...
Page 103 - If you are yet together, keep together, and I will join you to-morrow night. In the meantime, put all your arms in perfect order. Ask the bearer no questions, but tell him all you may think I wish to know. He does not know that this is from me, nor where I am.
Page 101 - ... regret that so much cause has been given to the enemies of our glorious Constitution, to rejoice at such measures being adopted, in a neighboring Territory, as, if sanctioned by the Executive of our country...
Page 162 - ... you preside, we cannot but express our solicitude, lest his pretensions to innocence, and the arts which he may employ to delude and seduce our fellow citizens from their duty to their country, may be partially successful.

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