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Must read book, whether your an aspiring biologist (in which case you been viewing things totally wrong) or just a curious observer (in which case you'll still completely enjoy it).
Using brilliant
, easy-to-follow prose and solid 'intuitive' arguments, Dawkins not only changes your perspective on Bio but on philosophy and the very question of life itself.
Must read IMO. Be wary of the wildly-varying editions though...

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One of the best books I ever read.

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A book, based on scientific reasons, can inspire students to study biology, and everybody to rethink about life on the earth.

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The best book about evolution there is

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This book is more than just an amazing introduction to evolutionary biology and theory. It has groundbreaking theories such as altruism and it introduces the concept of the meme. This book is still relevant today and it is the first piece of work by one of the best authors in science. Dawkins' writing style is accessible to readers at a middle school level (when I first read it) although it is written for the intellectual community. The book is both informative and educational. 

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