Sandusky in 1855: City Guide and Business Directory

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Steam Press of Bill, Cooke & Company, 1855 - Sandusky (Ohio) - 150 pages
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Page iii - Lends, were Col. Jerard Ward, who came in the spring of 1808, and Almon Ruggles and Jabez Wright, in the autumn succeeding. Ere the close of the next year, quite a number of families had settled in the townships of Huron, Florence, Berlin, Oxford, Margaretta, Portland and Vermillion. These early settlers generally erected the ordinary log cabin, but others of a wandering character built bark huts, which were made by driving...
Page v - As she had but one fire-proof vessel in the house, an old broken bake kettle, it, of course, must take some time. In the first place, some pork was tried up in the kettle to get lard — secondly, some cakes were made and fried in it — thirdly, some shortcakes were made in it— -fourthly, it was used as a bucket to draw water — fifthly, the water was heated in it, and sixthly and lastly, the tea was put in and a very sociable dish of tea they had. In those good old times...
Page ii - Lands are so called from the circumstance of their having been appropriated, by an act of congress of the 1st of June, 1796, to satisfy certain claims of the officers and soldiers of the revolutionary war.
Page 76 - Weekly Newspaper, devoted to News, Literature, Science, and the Arts; to ENTERTAINMENT, IMPROVEMENT, and PROGRESS. Designed to encourage a spirit of hope, manliness, self-reliance, and activity among the people ; to point out the means of profitable economy ; and to discuss and illustrate the leading ideas of the day ; to record all signs of progress; and to advocate political and industrial rights for all classes.
Page 76 - DOLLARS a year in advance. THE WATER-CURE JOURNAL, AND HERALD OF REFORMS. Devoted to Hydropathy, its Philosophy and Practice; to Physiology and Anatomy, with illustrative engravings; to Dietetics, Exercise, Clothing, Occupations, Amusements, and those laws which govern Life and Health. Published Monthly, in convenient form for binding, at One Dollar a Year in advance. The Water-Cure Journal holds a high rank in the science of health; always ready, straight-forward?
Page 76 - We know of no American periodical which presents a greater abundance of valuable information on all subjects relating to human progress and welfare.— -2?.
Page 134 - That all newspapers not exceeding three ounces in weight, sent from the office of publication to actual and...
Page 78 - Education, Magnetism, Psychology, Mechanism, Architecture, and to all those Progressive Measures which are calculated to Reform, Elevate and Improve Mankind. Illustrated with numerous portraits and other engravings. A beautiful Quarto, suitable for binding. Published Monthly, at One Dollar a Year in advance.
Page 78 - A Journal containing such a mass of interesting; matter, devoted to the highest happiness and interests of man, written in the clear and lively style of its practiced editors, and afforded at the "ridiculously low price...
Page iv - The woman, recovering from her gush of sorrow, at length raised her head and pointed towards the bed, saying, " there is my little Edward — I expect he is dying — and here is my babe, so sick I cannot lay it down ; I am so feeble I can scarcely remain in my chair, and my poor husband lies buried beside the cabin !

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