Miscellanea Scotica: Memoirs of the ancient alliance between France and Scotland. Account of the Earl of Glencairn's expedition into the Highlands of Scotland, in the years 1653-4, written by Graham of Deuchrie. Life and death of King James the Fifth of Scotland. Buchanan's inquiry into the genealogy and present state of ancient Scottish surnames; with the history of the family of Buchanan. Monro's (High Dean of the Isles) genealogies of the clans of the isles

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sold, 1820 - Scotland
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I was delighted to find this book, which includes the full text of a reprint of William Buchanan of Auchmar's 1723 book "A Historical and Genealogical Essay on the Family and Surname of Buchanan"! I happened to be in the process of inputting the data from my paper copy of the book into my genealogy software, when I came across this digitized copy. I am now using excerpts in the notes in my genealogical software. The timing was perfect!
Thank you again Google!

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Page 90 - Buchanan expresses that well in his admirable poem upon the marriage of Mary Queen of Scots with the dauphin of France. " Hsec quoque cum Latiurn quateret Mars barbarus Orbem, Sola prope expu Isis fuit Hospita terra Carmenis. &c.
Page 225 - Discite Justitiam." But the arms of the present representative of the family are those of Buchanan of Craigievairn, or a Lion rampant Sable, holding in his dexter paw a Man's Heart, proper; armed and langued Gules, within a double tressure, flowered and counterflowered with Fleurs-de-lis. Crest — A dexter hand holding a Sword. Motto —
Page 21 - Which see after. hundred men appropriated for the king's lifeguard, there are an hundred of the said nation who are the nearest to his person, and in the night keep the keys of the apartment where he sleeps. There are, moreover, an hundred complete lances, and two hundred yeomen of the said nation...
Page 98 - ... measure hindered it. * The pope, to secure the obedience of this king, who was still a dutiful son of the church, sent over his legate Antonio Campeggio in 1535, who, with many ceremonies and apostolical benedictions, delivered him a cap, and a sword, consecrated the night of the nativity of our Saviour, that it might breed a terror in the heart of a wicked neighbouring prince, against whom the sword was sharpened.
Page 70 - Glencairn addressing their new commander, said, — " My lord general, you see what a gallant army these worthy gentlemen here present and I have gathered together, at a time when it could hardly be expected that any number durst meet together ; these men have come out to serve his majesty at the hazard of their lives, and of all that is dear to them : I hope, therefore, you will give them all the encouragement to do their duty, that lies in your power.
Page 20 - VII. upon that occasion, for the great loyalty and virtue which he found in them, he selected two hundred of them for the guard of his person, of whom he made an hundred men at arms, and an hundred lifeguards. And the said hundred men at arms are the hundred lances of our ancient ordinances ; and the lifeguard-men are those of our guard, who still are near and about our person.
Page 73 - Then they both quitted their horses, and furiously attacked each other on foot. At the very first bout the noble earl gave him so sore a stroke on the brow, about an inch above his eyes, that he could not see for the blood that issued from the wound. His lordship was then just going to thrust him through the body ; but his man John White, forced up his sword, saying, " You have enough of him, my lord, you have got the better of him.
Page 84 - Our own antiquaries, with far greater probability, which is also confirmed by a constant and inviolable tradition, derive the origin of this ancient family from Aluin, or Alcuin, a younger son of Kenneth III. king of Scotland, who died in the year 994.
Page 10 - Given at the monastery of Arbroath in Scotland on the sixth day of April in the year of grace one thousand three hundred and twenty and the fifteenth year of the reign of our aforesaid king.
Page 87 - To Malcolm succeeded his son Duncan, sixth laird of MacFarlane, who obtained from Duncan. earl of Lennox, a charter of the said lands of Arrochar, in as ample manner as his predecessors held the same, which is dated at Inchmirin, in the year 1395.

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