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Taylor & Francis., 1905 - Science
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Page 204 - Two electrons repel each other with a force inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Suppose one electron is held fixed at the point (1, 0) on the z-axis.
Page 57 - Graham's law states that, under the same conditions, the rate of diffusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of its density.
Page 511 - ... viva of translation is equal to that of rotation in each system of particles, and is also the same for different systems, as was proved in Prop. VI. This result (which is true, however nearly the bodies approach the spherical form, provided the motion of rotation is at all affected by the collisions) seems decisive against the unqualified acceptation of the hypothesis that gases are such systems of hard elastic particles.
Page 630 - In the earlier experiments long strips of aluminium-foil were used, and were coiled round in the tube so as to expose as large a surface as possible to the...
Page 492 - It must be carefully borne in mind that we have made only one step in the theory of the action of the medium. We have supposed it to be in a state of stress, but we have not in any way accounted for this stress, or explained how it is maintained.
Page 735 - ... which we mean that the change of distance between any two particles of water is infinitely small in comparison with their undisturbed distance ; and the line joining them experiences changes of direction which are infinitely small in comparison with the radian. Water being assumed incompressible and frictionless, its motion, started primarily from rest by pressure applied to the free surface, is essentially irrotational. Hence we have...
Page 220 - ... solution. In what way, then, is that migratory freedom of the electrically charged part-molecules, which is assumed in the theory of dissociation, secured in a molten salt? Doctor Kahlenberg has shown that " a normal solution of trichloracetic acid in allyl mustard oil is a poorer conductor of electricity than the purest water which Kohlrausch ever prepared in contact with air, and yet this solution attacks dry magnesium rapidly, and decomposes dry carbonates of sodium and potassium.
Page 751 - ... 55, 56. Rigid Covers or Pontoons, introduced to apply the given forcive (pressure on the water-surface). 55. In any one of our diagrams showing a water-surface imagine a rigid cover to be fixed, fitting close to the whole watersurface. Now look at the forcive curve, F, on the same diagram, and wherever it shows no sensible pressure remove the cover. The motion (non-motion in some parts) of the whole water remains unchanged. Thus, for example, in figs. 13, 14, 15, 16, let the water be covered...
Page 389 - It originated in a fault running nearly northwest and south-east, hading to the south-west, and passing a short distance from Tugby, and therefore in all probability coincident with the fault in action in 1893. The distance between the epicentres of the earthquakes of 1904 was about 12 miles. Thus, the foci of 1904 appear to have occupied the nearer margins of the foci of 1893. 3. " The Derby Earthquakes of July 3rd, 1904.
Page 754 - III. of a series of papers on Stationary Waves in Flowing Water, published in the Philosophical Magazine, October 1886 to January 1887, with analytical methods suited for water of finite depths. The annulment of sinusoidal waves in front of the source of disturbance (a bar across the bottom of the canal), by the superposition of a train of free sinusoidal waves which double the sinusoidal waves in the rear, was illustrated (December 1886) by a diagram [p.

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