UDL Technology: Technology for Universal Design for Learning and Special Education 1.65

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John F. O'Sullivan Jr. , Apr 25, 2016 - Education - 300 pages

This is the most comprehensive catalog of educational technology. If you like the concepts of universal design for learning this book will bring you to the next level with technology. The book outlines the very best educational technology to reach special education students, diverse learners and engage all students in the learning process. There is a new generation of low-cost technology to help reach challenging students like never before. This gives teachers countless tools to include in your UDL toolbox and enhances your teaching.




Table of Contents
Technology for Universal Design for Learning and Special Education
Interactive Whiteboards
Projecting with a Tablet
Instant Student Feedback Technology
UDL Math Technology
OT and Writing
Speech and Language Apps
Autism Emotions
Social Skills
Life Skills
Early Interventions
Apps with Free Versions

UDL Science Technology
UDL Literature and Literacy
Learning a Language with UDL Technology
UDL Technology for Writing
UDL Fine Arts UDL Technology
Fine Arts and UDL Technology
UDL STEM Technology Activities
Locked Notes
iPad Flashcard Apps
Google Play Flashcard Apps Section 3 Homework
AllinOne Organizers
Student Communication
To Do List Apps
Time Management
Decision Making
Special Education
Developmental Disabilities
Speech to Text
Text to Speech Readers
Google Play Text to Speech Readers Apps Section 5 DAISY Readers
Audio Books
Google Play Audio Books Apps
Word Prediction Apps
Optical Character Recognition
AntiAnxiety and Relaxation
Occupational Therapy
OT Exercise
Learning the Sounds
Teaching Abstract Language
Games to Teach Language
Teaching Apps
Augmentative and Alternative Communication
HighEnd AAC Apps
Google Play Apps HighEnd AAC Apps Section 3 MiddleEnd AAC Apps
LowEnd AAC Apps
Physical Disability
Google Play Preschool Apps
Preschool Curriculum Apps
Alphabet and Letters
Sounds and Phonics
Words and Language
Google Play Childrens Book Apps
Reading and Book Apps
Preschool to 1st Grade Books
Interactive Story Websites
Interactive Story Apps
Math for Preschool and Kindergarten
Elementary School
Elementary School Educational Websites and Games
Elementary School Math
Putting it all Together with UDLAssistive Technology
UDLAssistive Technology Leaders
Disclaimer Signature Good practices
Exercise Section 2 Food

Common terms and phrases

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