The New Method in Diabetes: The Practical Treatment of Diabetes as Conducted at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, Adapted to Home Use, Based Upon the Treatment of More Than Eleven Hundred Cases

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Good health publishing Company, 1917 - Diabetes - 177 pages
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Page 110 - The mixture is then heated to vigorous boiling, kept at this temperature for one or two minutes, and allowed to cool spontaneously. In the presence of glucose the entire body of the solution will be filled with a precipitate, which may be red, yellow or greenish in tinge. If the quantity of glucose be low (under 0.3 per cent) the precipitate forms only on cooling.
Page 110 - If the quantity of glucose be low (under 0.3 per cent) the precipitate forms only on cooling. If no sugar be present the solution either remains perfectly clear, or shows a faint turbidity that is blue in color, and consists of precipitated urates.
Page 110 - Add, drop by drop, the ferric chlorid solution as long as a precipitate forms. Filter, and to the filtrate add a few drops more of ferric chlorid.
Page 115 - ... portion not desired. If one-eighth is desired, divide the remaining one-fourth crosswise and push off the portion not needed. If one-third of a spoonful is desired, divide the contents of the spoon crosswise into thirds, pushing off the undesired portion. The teaspoonful is measured in the same way. To measure spoonfuls of liquid dip the spoon into the liquid. To measure butter or other solid fats, pack solidly into the measure and level same as for dry materials.
Page 151 - Dissolve two or three Yogurt tablets in a little of the warm milk and add to the boiled milk. Set in a warm place (a little warmer than for bread), covered for 10 to 20 hours, or until it begins to coagulate. In the winter time it may be necessary to set in a pan of warm water 110 to 115 F. and cover. Renew the water every half hour or so.
Page 59 - A proper vegetarian diet is in every way a normal and competent diet. Plant proteins contain the same amino-acids as animal protein and all are there present in abundance. It is quite immaterial to the body whether it forms its stock proteins from amino-acids derived from plant protein or from animal protein.
Page 139 - Make a sponge by adding 1J4 c. of gluten flour and the salt, and set away to rise. When light and full of bubbles, add the remainder of the flour. Knead thoroughly, let rise until light then shape into a loaf. Place in a buttered bread tin, bake in a hot oven three-quarters of an hour to an hour.
Page 121 - Turn into buttered ramekins and set in a pan of hot water. Bake in a slow oven until firm (about one-half hour).
Page 137 - Select firm vegetable oysters and scrape. Put at once into cold water to which has been added a spoonful of flour, to prevent discoloration. Slice, and cook in boiling salted water. Cook until tender, or about one hour.
Page 151 - Repeat each day, using some of the previous day's batch as a starter. As the Yogurt grows older and more acid, use a little less of the starter. As it grows older it will also take less time to start it. It takes two or three days before a pleasant flavor is developed. Serve with one-fourth cream, if desired.

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