Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

First U.S. publication for a deceased Swedish author (1954-2004); this first of his three novels, a bestseller in Europe, is a labored mystery.It's late 2002. Mikael Blomkvist, reputable Stockholm financial journalist, has just lost a libel case brought by a notoriously devious tycoon. He's looking at a short jail term and the ruin of his magazine, which he owns with his best friend and occasional ... Read full review

Review: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Editorial Review - - Bronwyn Miller

Set in Stockholm and a small country town in the north of Sweden, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO tells the mesmerizing story of disgraced journalist Mikael Blomkvist, who has been charged with and convicted of libel after writing a story about sketchy financier HansErik Wennerstrom. Blomkvist's conviction shakes him to his professional core and even threatens Millennium, the magazine for which he ... Read full review

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This novel was not a fast-read at all, but I did not mind. The language was beautiful and the story interesting, yet some of the detail seemed a bit long-winded. There was a lot of suspense.
Hanne (

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I really enjoyed the book. I love the two main characters

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this is a well written trilogy i would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of reading it.

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Disturbing... I didn't finish the series because I was so disturbed by the first book. Overall, it had a good, captivating story line, and characters, but some of the elements of the book went too far in my opinion. I also like to escape from reality when I read, so maybe it just seemed too much like the evening news... 

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this book sucks sooooooooo badly i want to kill people

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Amazing story!!!
I love it!!! Going to read the next two. I watched the new movie first which drove me read this and I never read. Read it in 7 days!

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Rckn Rbn
Excellent book even to the point of keeping a mystery of what the real mystery is!

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