Les origines d'une commune genevoise: Presinge

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Municipalité, 1978 - 81 pages
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In the official publication by Pierre Bertrand entitled "Les Origines d'une commune genevoise Presinge" (1978) it contains a copy of an old map dated 1740 by Philippe Bauche (the original is kept in the Bibliotheque Publique et Univeritaire, Geneva) showing the other old spelling of "Pressinge".
The text mentions the noble 'Pres(s)inge' family that gave its name to the village; registered in 1180 (Presingium). As does the Swiss Historical & Geographical Dictionary. This family is part of the Germanic nobility (Counts) - "Presing, Pressing" also written "der Pres(s)ing, Pres(s)inger" - as listed in "Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Necrologia Germaniae, Tomus II, Berolini MCMIV index Locorum et Personarum - p.p. 429 & 517". They are also listed in the "General Illustrated Armorial (Rietstap) by V & H Rolland, Lyons, France", which depicts the family armorial, and underneath states in French "Presing, Comtes, Allemand" - i.e. the German Counts of Presing (Pressing). [It should be noted, the present-day amorial of Presinge village does not relate to the Presinge family].
As well as the village of Presinge (Pressinge) near Geneva, this Germanic family of "Presing (Pressing)" may have given its name to other geographical localities; an example being the mountain of Pressing [in German 'Hohe Pressing'], beside Krems, near Villach Austria.
According to P. Bertrand's publication (1978), the branch of the noble family (Presinge/Pressinge) that gave its name to the village decreased in influence and number very gradually over the centuries.
The same text also mentions that the village of Presinge (Pressinge) was part of ancient Burgundy and settled in 443 by 'le peuple germanique des Burgondes'. Regarding the German-sounding names of the surrounding villages - albeit now with French spelling (adding an '-e' to the ending) - the text cites the villages of Presinge, Puplinge, Corsinge, Merlinge, etc. - 'which tended to indicate a area of Germanic preponderance'.
Finally, regarding the alternative old spelling of the village of Presinge/Pressinge, the British Library's archives house another old map that mentions the village. Entitled "Carte des Environs de Geneve", by G. De La Hay, it shows the old spelling "Pressinge", dated 1776.
[The old German script & symbol ["es-zett"] for "ss" in non-German script (and modern German script) is sometimes reduced to one 's', instead of two 'ss'.]

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