Electrician and Mechanic, Volume 26

Front Cover
Edward Trevert, Arthur Eugene Watson
Sampson Publishing Company, 1913 - Amateur radio stations
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Page 354 - No. 57. INCANDESCENT ELECTRIC LIGHTING. A Practical Description of the Edison System. By LH Latimer. To which is added the Design and Operation of Incandescent Stations, by CJ Field; and the Maximum Efficiency of Incandescent Lamps, by John W. Howell. No. 58. VENTILATION OF COAL MINES. By W. Fairley, ME, and Geo. J. Andre.
Page 189 - It is the best book on the Automobile seen up to date." — JH Pile, Associate Editor Automobile Trade Journal. "Every Automobile Owner has use for a book of this character.
Page 318 - Postal Life Insurance Company pays you the commissions that other companies pay their agents ON entrance into the Company you get the agent's average first-year commission less the moderate advertising charge.
Page 357 - We know of no other volume that is so complete in all its departments, and in which the wide field of automobile construction with its mechanical intricacies is so plainly handled, both in the text and in the matter of illustrations.
Page 354 - PRACTICAL PERSPECTIVE. By RICHARDS and COLVIN. Shows just how to make all kinds of mechanical drawings in the only practical perspective isometric. Makes everything plain so that any mechanic can understand a sketch or drawing in this way. Saves time in the drawing room, and mistakes in the shops. Contains practical examples of various classes of work 50 cents SELF-TAUGHT MECHANICAL DRAWING AND ELEMENTARY MACHINE DESIGN. By FL SYLVESTER, ME, Draftsman, with additions by ERIK OBERG, associate editor...
Page 354 - ELECTRIC LIGHT FOR COUNTRY HOUSES. A Practical Handbook on the Erection and Running of Small Installations, with Particulars of the Cost of Plant and Working. By JH KNIGHT.
Page 260 - Zenneckf has carefully examined the effect of earthed receiving and transmitting aerials, and has endeavored to show mathematically that when the lines of electrical force, constituting a wave front, pass along a surface of low specific inductive capacity — such as the earth — they become inclined forward, their lower ends being retarded by the resistance of the conductor, to which they are attached.
Page 352 - It is the standard work on Hardening, Tempering, and Annealing Steel of all kinds. This book tells how to select, and how to work, temper, harden, and anneal steel for everything on earth. It...
Page 249 - Investing for Profit is for the man who intends to invest any money, however small, or who can save $5 or more per month, but who has not as yet learned the art of investing for profit. Learn how $100 grows into $2200. Use this Coupon for the Six Issues and Financial Advice FREE If you know how to invest your savings — if you know all about the proposition in which you are about to invest your hard -earned savings — you need no advice.
Page 31 - In considering the conservation of resources it should be held in mind that : (1) The present generation has the power and the right to use efficiently so much of these resources as it needs. (2) The nation's needs will not be curtailed; these needs will increase with the extent and diversity of its industries, and more rapidly than its population. (3) The men of this generation will not mine, extract, or use these resources in such manner as to entail continuous financial loss to themselves in order...

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