Romance of the Italian Villas (northern Italy)

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G. P. Putnam's sons, 1906 - Italy - 448 pages
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Page 435 - On the level quivering line Of the waters crystalline ; And before that chasm of light, As within a furnace bright, Column, tower, and dome, and spire, Shine like obelisks of fire...
Page 434 - As with her gentle veil she wiped the tears away. How well I call to mind, When from those boughs the wind Shook down upon her bosom flower on flower ; And there she sat, meek-eyed, In midst of all that pride, Sprinkled and blushing through an amorous shower: Some to her hair paid dower, And...
Page 394 - May-bloom, flush'd through many a hue, In prodigal variety : and there, As object, rising suddenly to view, That from our bosom every thought beside With the rare marvel chases, I beheld A lady' all alone, who, singing, went, And culling flower from flower, wherewith her way Was all o'er painted. " Lady beautiful ! Thou, who (if looks, that use to speak the heart, Art worthy of our trust) with love's own beam Dost warm thee...
Page 387 - One day we read, for pastime and sweet cheer, Of Lancelot, how he found Love tyrannous : We were alone and without any fear. Our eyes were drawn together, reading thus, Full oft, and still our cheeks would pale and glow ; But one sole point it was that conquered us.
Page 417 - DANTE, if thou within the sphere of Love, As I believe, remain'st contemplating Beautiful Beatrice, whom thou didst sing Erewhile, and so wast drawn to her above; — Unless from false life true life thee remove So far that Love's forgotten, let me bring One prayer before thee: for an easy thing This were, to thee whom I do ask it of.
Page 122 - And so, after centuries had passed, the truth became evident of the rumor that ran through Florence at the time of their death, that they had died of poison. The arsenic which had taken from them their life had preserved their bodies in death.
Page v - The historical decoration was purposely of no more importance than a background requires; and my stress lay on the incidents in the development of a soul: little else is worth study.
Page 363 - O! is he sleeping, my scarf round his head? Or did they strangle him as he lay there, With the long scarlet scarf I used to wear? Only I pray thee, Lord, let him come here! Both his soul and his body to me are most dear. Dear Lord, that loves me, I wait to receive Either body or spirit this wild Christmas-eve.
Page 434 - There is no lighter burden, nor more agreeable, than a pen. Other pleasures fail us, or wound us while they charm ; but the pen we take up rejoicing and lay down with satisfaction, for it has the power to advantage not only its lord and master, but many others as well, even though they be far away, — sometimes, indeed, though they be not born for thousands of years to come. I believe that I speak but the strict truth when I claim that as there is none among earthly delights more noble than literature,...
Page 434 - And seemed to dress the curls, Queenlike, with gold and pearls ; Some, snowing on her drapery stopped, Some on the earth, some on the water dropped ; While others, fluttering from above, Seemed wheeling round in pomp, and saying, "Here reigns Love.

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